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Following #NARAnnual: Conference Wrap-up

November 11 2014

NARannualConf2014Today marked the final day of NAR Annual in New Orleans. As we write this, Realtors from across the U.S. and Canada are on their way home after 4+ days of educational sessions, events, giveaways, parties, beignets and po' boys (all the food pictures were seriously mouthwatering!).

As usual, we took to Twitter to follow the official conference hashtag, #NARannual, and the ongoing events. After all, the best reporters are often the attendees themselves. Although there were far too many great Tweets to include here, we've done our best to round up the best.


Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - If you don't want sellers rating, ranking, and reviewing you, it's probably because you are doing a crappy job. Just saying. #NARannual

JenniferArchambeaultJenniferArchambeault - Brokers should take control of brand consumer experience & not leave min standard up to individual agents #cryeleike #narannual #RISmedia

Brandon MartensBrandon Martens - Verbiage change! "Charge a brokerage fee not a commission" @alexmils. Even @leighbrownremax wrote that one down! #narannual

Brandon MartensBrandon Martens - Have sellers help you select comps from what's on the MLS @leighbrownremax #narannual

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - Ask questions in your listing appointment that you can allow them to say yes to! @leighbrownremax #NARannual

Brandon MartensBrandon Martens - Compliment the house "Aren't those nice shutters!" @alexmils #narannual

andrew simsandrew sims - Brokers MUST be a part of communications strategy. They ARE ESSENTIAL evangelists for how the Association works in their favor. #narannual

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - Paralysis comes when you don't have a procedure. Get yourself a system. @leighbrownremax #NARannual

Kate ConquestKate Conquest - The mission can't be the commission #narannual #CIPS

NAR ResearchNAR Research - "FHA premiums need to come down to be commensurate with the default rate" Lawrence Yun #narannual

NAR LeadershipNAR Leadership - Mark Kelly has some choice words for "groupthink." Can lead to horrible decisions. #narannual

Chris NicholsChris Nichols - "How good your are at the start of something is not the truest indicator of how good you can become." - Astronaut Mark Kelly #NARannual

David GreenbergDavid Greenberg - Amazing leadership insights from Capt Mark Kelly. “None of us is as dumb as all of us.” #NARannual

Andrew CrefeldAndrew Crefeld - “The power your profession has in changing lives around the world is unparalleled.” #narannual Pres. Steve Brown

Crystal HendersonCrystal Henderson - Relationships are built with small interactions over time. Don't be creepy! @katielance #narannual

AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE - "Legacy is the new luxury. People are buying places so their kids can come. Disney is one example." [email protected] #BHGRE #NARannual

AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE - It takes 8 follow up attempts to get a potential customer to respond to [email protected] Be persistent! #NARannual

AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE - "Nothing wrong with nosy neighbors. Open houses are places to meet buyers and future sellers." [email protected] Always plan ahead! #NARannual

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - Take off the realtor hat, and just be a person. That personal touch is greater than anything else you can do. @AshtonGustafson #NARannual

Chelsea ThomasChelsea Thomas - "You can make excuses or you can make money. But you can't do both." -Tom Ferry #hustle #narannual #wellsaid

Audie ChamberlainAudie Chamberlain - "Each step of the buying/selling process presents a unique #marketing opportunity for #Realtors" says @jimmymackin #narannual

Quincy ClaytonQuincy Clayton - #RealEstate leads: Information 1st, people 2nd; if you teach better, you'll sell more @jaybaer at #narannual @HomesPro @HomesDotCom

Crystal HendersonCrystal Henderson - Relationships are created with information first, people second. @jaybaer #narannual

PlacesterPlacester - "You can't pay someone else enough to do excellent content for you." — @sethstuff at his #NARannual session

Valerie GarciaValerie Garcia - The average homebuyer performs 11 searches before taking action on a real estate site (NAR) @placester #NARannual

Ginger DownsGinger Downs - Over 55K Realtors purchased 85K .realtor domain names in just the first 2 weeks of availability. Now the 4th largest domain #narannual