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Real Estate E-Flyer Best Practices

November 10 2014

ixact flyer best practicesSuppose you just landed a great new listing that you think some of your contacts would love? Go beyond just sending a generic email with a link to the MLS property listing.

Check out these real estate e-flyer best practices:

  • Always use an email header: Including your customized email header is an effective branding touch and makes it easy for those who receive your message see how to connect with you.

  • Create a personalized greeting: Make sure the email is personally addressed to each individual on the distribution list, not a generic salutation like "Dear Valued Client." Personally addressed mass emails highlight that the email is from someone you know. And because the email doesn't look like spam, open and click through rates are much higher.

  • Include several high quality photos: Your flyer should be visually appealing, so make sure you include the highest quality images of the interior and exterior of the property possible, as blurred images can be off-putting and hard to view.

  • Keep the messaging concise: Include language that is easy to scan and descriptively vivid. Also utilize bullet points, as they are a great way to show off key features of a property in a clear, concise way.

  • Include a clear call to action (CTA): Your contact received your message, but what's the next step they should take? Often times, it's as simple as providing a link to more detailed listing information or clear directions to call to learn more.

  • Make it shareable: Maybe that property isn't quite right for the contact you sent it to, but is perfect for someone they know. By providing "Share" buttons at the bottom of the e-flyer, it's easy for readers to share the property with their social contacts.

Remember, it's not just enough to send a great looking e-flyer. Be sure to see how effective it is. Through IXACT Contact's Campaign Reporting feature, you can see who has opened your Just Listed e-flyer, and more importantly, who has clicked on any hyperlinks. Those interacting with it may be the hot lead you've been looking for!

See these best practices in action. Check out our real estate e-Flyer infographic!

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