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How Many Listing Photos Do You Need to Get Leads?

October 27 2014

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We spend a lot of time thinking of how to help our clients get the most out of their online marketing activities.

When it comes to marketing your listings online we want to make sure that you generate as many leads as possible, so we had our experts analyze the data from Point2 Homes to see how many listing photos you need in order to generate leads.

Put this information to use in your own business to streamline your workflow and grow your business!

What is the optimal number of listing photos to generate leads?

Is five photos enough? Is 50 photos too many? Here is what our research revealed:

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Takeaway: A listing with between 10 and 15 photos has the best chance of generating leads.

While too few photos (<10) will obviously not pique a potential buyers' interest, we also found that too many photos (>20) could potentially lead to less leads as well. Why? Too many photos may answer a potential buyer's questions, which means there is less incentive to contact the listing agent. Like any good sales pitch, you want to give enough information to interest people, but not so much that they don't need to contact you!

How many listing views does it take to generate a lead?

It might depend on the number of listing photos you include! We looked at listings that had different numbers of listing photos, from 0 to 80, to see how many views it took to result in one leadlistingphotos point23

Takeaway: Listings with between 10 and 15 photos get leads with the least amount of views required.

This reaffirms our findings from above. Ten to 15 listing photos is definitely the sweet spot for the average listing.

Is there such a thing as too many listing photos?

By now you're probably wondering if having more than 15 listing photos is a bad thing and could negatively impact your views and leads. Our data shows this is not the case. But, at the same time, there is no overwhelmingly positive impact from having more than, say, 20 photos.

listingphotos point24

Takeaway: Listings with up to 20 listing photos get just as much traffic as listings with 50 or more.

You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by keeping the number of listing photos you use to around 20. We have found that above this level you do not increase your probability of increasing your traffic by posting more photos.

What is your experience with posting listing photos? Have you noticed any trends that help or hinder your listings performance?

To view the original article, visit the Point2 blog.Point2 blog.

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