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Develop Online Applications with dataFloat

February 25 2010

IDC Global is a software development company that focuses on database and data processing specialized to improve the performance of Internet and other networked applications. Their new product, dataFloat, offers significant improvements in performance and scalability for Internet and mobile applications and also allows clients to develop e-business and multilingual applications easier and more efficiently.

In the real estate sector, IDC provides customized solutions for large real estate franchises and companies throughout the world. IDC was founded in 1998 by a group of people from the real estate industry who recognized the need of large real estate companies to have greater control of the property database services used by their brokers and agents than could be realized through typical MLS technology.

Due to their relational database architecture, the IDC systems provide an environment that is property, contact and transaction centric. This structure allows real estate companies to develop systems that provide their brokers and agents custom branded solutions from broker/agent websites to customized CMA programs. The IDC system also includes a light transaction management with a full contract/forms program that is totally integrated with the property and contact database. As noted dataFloat products are multi-lingual capable and IDC is currently serving clients with companies in over 25 countries worldwide.


dataFloat is a framework for developing applications for the Web browser environment. dataFloat consists of server and client side software components, which allow for implementation of applications which run using “client side XML.” dataFloat is also multilingual, scalable, flexible and can be integrated with other applications and databases.

Multilingual Capabilities
All dataFloat applications are multilingual ready capable of supporting complex multilingual data structures. New languages can be added very quickly without the need for reprogramming.

Integration with External Databases and Systems
The dataFloat XML architecture provides integration with external databases and legacy systems. Use of a metadata XML structure means that the dataFloat application is effectively independent of the external database structure. One of the current dataFloat projects involves integrating with 8 large external databases.

All dataFloat code is written in standard, open web technologies: XML/XSL/Java Script for efficient development and management.

dataFloat Client Side XML
Client side XML means a “compact data set” is downloaded to the client machine. All rendering, browsing and data manipulation is then done on the client machine without recourse back to the server. This is all done with XML/XSL/JavaScript components with no need for installation or lengthy downloads. The key benefit of dataFloat applications is the speed and functionality of an installed application, with the ease of development, deployment and management of a Web application. It also means that applications are significantly more scalable than traditional Web server architectures.