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5 Quick Photo Editing Tools For Real Estate

October 14 2014

As someone who plies their trade as a designer here at Lone Wolf, a common refrain I hear is that regular PCs don't have anything to edit photos with. A standard Windows PC has long come equipped with MS Paint, but as anyone who has tried to use it for more than the simplest tasks can tell you, it's not really a great tool for the job. Most people don't have access to a heavy duty tool like Photoshop and could really use something lightweight for handling tasks like resizing a photo for putting on your website or sending in an email.

Here's a few different services you can use to handle your photo editing needs. To use these services, all you'll need is a desktop browser (PC or Mac) and Adobe Flash enabled.

Photoshop Express

What better to use when you don't have access to the full Photoshop app than Photoshop ExpressPhotoshop Express? Bringing much of the functionality of the desktop app into a streamlined, online version, this gives you loads of flexibility for the advanced user who knows their way around photo editing.

photoediting lonewolf1


Pixlr is a very robust suite of tools that can some in really handy. They have a few different web app products available. Pixlr EditorPixlr Editor is a web app similar is laid out very similar to the desktop Photoshop app, more so than the aforementioned Photoshop Express. Many of the advanced features you'd expect from the industry standard app are there, which makes this tool quite the amazing feat considering it's all contained within your browser.

photoediting lonewolf2

Another app they offer is Pixlr ExpressPixlr Express. This is available as a web app and for mobile devices running iOS and Android. As far as functionality, this app is somewhat similar to Instagram, where you can apply a variety of presets and filters to your images to give them a unique look.

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A simple, easy to use interface makes photo editing a snap. PicMonkeyPicMonkey offers an ad supported free online service for making simple refinements to your photos.

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The feature that sets IPICCYIPICCY apart from the rest is the robust collage builder. You can build many high quality collages in a wide array of formats. Collages are frequently used on photo sharing platforms like Instagram, so this can be a great way to put together a great visual to share properties on the site.

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