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4 Tips for Marketing to Clients by Personality: Part 1 - Bulls

October 06 2014

bull homesHave you ever wondered why some of your clients are far easier to work with than others? Or maybe you've found that some of your real estate marketing and sales tactics tend to work better with certain clients, but not so well with others. Every client is going to want something different out of their homebuying experience, and the way you interact with each of them should be tailored to meet those expectations. Understanding what makes these soon to be homeowners "tick" can give you a better idea of how to position your business as a valuable resource.

The BOLT SystemThe BOLT System, created by Charles J. Clarke, provides guidance and tips on closing sales, generating leads and negotiating terms, based on an individual's specific characteristics. BOLT stands for bulls, owls, lambs and tigers--each of which represents a particular type of personality. will be examining each of these character traits to highlight how you can use them to create a more positive experience for the clients that fit under each category.

The Bull

Straightforward and always seeking control of the situation, clients who fit under the "Bull" category are ready to get down to business. Bulls know what they are looking for, and they expect that you are able to recognize those needs and fulfill them as quickly as possible. More than likely, they won't be spending a lot of time making decisions and will be prompt in everything they do.

You can often tell if you are dealing with a bull after the first phone call. Instead of answering the phone with a response like "Hello, this is Dave, how can I help you?" a bull will be short and concise by saying something like, "This is Dave" or "Dave speaking." This is a sure sign that you'll be working with a bull. Here are four tips that will help you adapt to working with these assertive clients.

1. Position your listings as one-of-a-kind

Bulls are not looking to settle. They will only choose from the best of the best. Don't waste your time or theirs by showing properties that aren't unique. Do your research and only share the listings that have a "wow" factor.

If they have children, they'll likely be looking for a bigger than average yard. Maybe they are a bit younger and are constantly in need of a place to entertain friends; these individuals will probably be looking for an extravagant living room or deck space.

The best way to locate a house that will meet their expectations is to find out what is most important to them in a home and search for listings in your area that can satisfy those needs.

2. Control the situation

As you could imagine, bulls are assertive, and they will always try to take the reins in any conversation. This can make it difficult for you to pinpoint exactly what it is they are looking for in a home, because most of the time they will only provide you with overarching needs and not shed light on exactly what they want.

Make sure you are taking control of the situation by asking them what specific features they desire the most; otherwise, there's going to be a lot of back and forth. From the very beginning of your conversation, ask questions like, "If you had to choose one feature of a home to have, what would it be?" This will allow you to break past their "sternness" and get to the heart of what they are looking for.

3. Always move swiftly

Bulls aren't going to sit around and weigh out every option like some of your other clients might. Instead, they'll be looking to jump on a decision as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Rather than taking things step-by-step, get all of your ducks in a row at the very beginning and have everything ready to go to avoid any setbacks. Although some of your clients may see this as being pushy, it's exactly what the bulls in your audience will be looking for.

4. They're still your clients

From the start, you'll recognize that bulls will not always be your fun loving or talkative types. Since they know exactly what they want, there will be little to no small talk coming from their end. This might seem a little intimidating at first, but it's something you're going to have to get used to.

Odds are that they'll likely cut you off in conversations and shoot down some of the ideas your offer them. Don't take offense to this, because it's just how they are. If you can "talk the talk" and "walk the walk" by giving a confident presentation, you'll be just fine when working with these types of clients.

Understanding the personalities of your clients and discovering the most appropriate ways to interact with them is crucial to building long lasting relationships that drive business in the future. Bulls are only the first of the four personas presented by the BOLT theory, so stay tuned to find out all about how to best interact with the owl, lamb and tiger clients!

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