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5 Keys to Choosing the Right Camera Equipment for Real Estate

video lonewolfAs a real estate professional, you are a prodigious content producer responsible for a seemingly endless stream of pictures and videos. Though the cost of maintaining this production is significant, it is perceived as a necessary evil since the prospect of producing your own videos can be overwhelming.

However, video production is not as daunting as it once was, especially considering the technology available today. DSLRs have ushered in a content revolution in which 'professional' quality images are attainable even for the untrained. And post-production programs are more user friendly and affordable than ever. There is also an over-abundance of graphics, plugins, and templates on the web that are a veritable bounty to the amateur video producer.

And here's something more. You have already, unbeknownst to you, developed many of the skills that are fundamental to video production. This is because the fundamentals for video production are a) to know the basics, b) to pay attention to the details, and c) to own a few important tools. The same can be said for real estate: where would you be without your knowledge of the industry? Your attention to detail? Your phone, tablet or computer? In this way, the professional standards you have already established in your real estate career serve as a perfect foundation for video production.

So let's get started.

The first step to producing your own videos is getting your own equipment. As I stated here, you're better off in the long run to pay this initial cost than to continue paying overpriced production companies or underpriced, unreliable ones. Buying this equipment will cost you cash today, but will pay off tomorrow with every piece of content that you successfully produce by yourself, on your own schedule, for free.