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Twitter Offers Analytics to Everyone

September 03 2014

In days past, you had to set up a Twitter advertising account and put in your credit card information to receive any analytics regarding your Twitter account--but this has all changed. We can speculate that Twitter now offers this service to everyone for free to stay competitive with Facebook. Whatever the reason may be, we can only benefit from the change.

If Twitter is part of your social media strategy, you can now use the analytics to further help you successfully reach past and potential clients.

Accessing your Twitter analytics

Getting to the Twitter analytics page isn't as easy as it is to access your Facebook page analytics. However, it's still pretty straightforward. To access analytics:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account
  • After signing in, go to your URL address bar and type in

After you've landed on the analytics page, you will have three different tabs you can go through to help you better understand the success of your Twitter account.

Tweet Analytics

The tweet analytic tab can track the progress of all your tweets from the past 28 days and help you better understand what kind of tweets engages your audience. Twitter gives you three numbers next to each post. These numbers are the impressions, engagement, and engagement rate. They allow you to determine whether or not your photo of a listing, text posts, or a post with a link pique your followers' interest.

Below is an example of tweet analytics.
twitteranayltics ret1

Impressions (the first number) track the number of times users saw that specific tweet on their Twitter feed. Engagement (the second number) is the total number of times users have engaged with the post including: favorites, replies, and retweets. Engagement Rate (the percentage on the far right) takes the total engagement number and divides it by the number of impressions.

When you click on a specific tweet, it breaks those numbers down into even further specifics. This is a great tool because it can show you stats like how many people are actually clicking on a link and the exact number of people who 'retweeted' you.

Below is an example of analytics on a specific tweet.
Twitteranalytics ret2

Finally, on the right side of the tweet analytics page, Twitter has broken down how popular your tweets are compared to the previous 28 days. It will tell you things like if your retweets are down by 2.9% or if your link clicks have gone up 30% percent since the last month.

Follower Analytics

Twitter has broken down your follower growth into a graph so you can chart where you started gaining or losing followers. The follower analytics page also allows you to see your followers' interest, where they are from, and even the percentage of male to female followers.

Allowing you to see a chart of your followers and where your growth in followers spikes, lets you go back to your tweet analytics tab and compare it to what you were tweeting at that time, versus what you were tweeting when your follower numbers were low.

Twitteranalytics Ret3

Another intriguing aspect to the follower analytics page is the ability to see where most of your followers reside. This can be a helpful tool to see if a high percentage of your followers are from outside the geographic area you serve. If it is a high number, consider sharing content about relocating to your area. To draw in followers from your area, try tweeting more with localized hashtags or about more local events.

Twitteranalytics ret4

Being able to see the gender breakdown of your audience and their interests can only further help you hone your posts to maximize the reach of your tweets. This means more exposure for you and your listings!

Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter card analytics is targeted more towards developers but could also be a helpful tool if you are adding more media to your tweets from your website. It allows you to track URLs through the use of adding Twitter cards to your content.

According to Twitter, the Twitter Cards let the user "Attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a "Card" added to the Tweet that's visible to all of their followers."

The cards are useful for people who have developed their own app because it helps drive your followers to download the app. The Twitter card analytics can help determine which of your URL links receive the most click-throughs and impressions.

Gaining Perspective and Gaining Sales

So how can all of this benefit you? Well, by gaining a deeper understanding of your audience, you gain the ability to better target them. Once you can start to target your tweets to the right audience or track which tweets are more engaging, you can increase your success. Successful tweets will drive more traffic to your website and give you the ability to really utilize social media as a tool to sell your listings faster.

Note: Twitter Analytics started slowly rolling out in June 2014 and has yet to reach all users.