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What's New With IXACT Contact?

August 25 2014

It has been a busy year for IXACT Contact. Since our product review last September, the real estate CRM has joined Zillow Tech Connect and added multiple new features. In fact, there have been so many updates to the IXACT Contact platform that we thought the time was ripe for a check-in.

So What's New?

IXACT Contact has added some new functionality to the system. Among the big enhancements, the company has made it easy for users to log email correspondence and automatically port in lead information from multiple sources. Let's take a closer look at all of IXACT Contact's new features:

Lead Capture via Email - IXACT has come up with a clever way to import lead information from the lead alert emails you already receive from your website, property search portals, and beyond. When you enable this feature, the system provides you with a unique email address. Simply replace your regular email address with this new "lead capture email address" in the various lead generation sources that you use. That way, when those sources send a new lead notification email to lead capture address, all lead information (name, email, phone, etc.) will be automatically added to your IXACT Contact database.

You can also set-up your lead capture process to automatically assign new leads to a specific group and auto-responder drip email campaign or add them to the distribution list for your monthly e-Newsletter.

1 IXACT Lead Capture

Email Correspondence Capture - Logging your conversations with clients and prospects is important, but some agents balk at the data entry required to record correspondence and end up not doing it at all. IXACT Contact's new Email Correspondence Capture feature seeks to relieve some of that burden by automatically logging client email conversations into the system.

It works in a similar fashion to the Lead Capture feature. IXACT provides you with a specific email address. Whenever you are corresponding with clients via email, simply blind carbon copy (BCC) that email address and the conversation will automatically be sent to IXACT Contact and logged to that contact's profile.

2 IXACT Email Capture

Contact Level Document Storage - IXACT Contact users have always had unlimited document storage, but until now files could only be attached to specific transactions. This new feature allows users to attach documents, such as appraisals, contracts, floor plans, and buyer agency agreements, to client profiles as well.

3 IXACT Document Storage

Email Sharing and Scheduling - The past year saw a couple new updates to IXACT Contact's email system, as well. Users can now schedule any email to be sent at a particular date and time. In addition, you can choose to add social media share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to the bottom of your emails to encourage recipients to share your content.

4 IXACT Email Scheduling

More New Features on the Horizon

As you can see, IXACT Contact has been working hard to further improve their solution--and there's more to come. The company tells us they have a BIG update that's set to debut in the coming months. Stay tuned to RE Technology to find out more. We'll be taking a look at IXACT's new updates as they roll out.

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