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One App to Serve Them All

July 29 2014

mobileapp showingsuiteShowing Suite released a new mobile app on Monday that serves all parties in a transaction: listing agent, seller, buyer's agent, and buyer. The company developed a different version of the app for each party, but the overall aim is the same--to make scheduling home showings simpler.

The different versions reflect the varying needs of each group. The apps for listing agents and their clients, for example, focus on collecting feedback on showings. Agents can use that feedback to broach tough conversations like price reductions with sellers. (Learn more about this in our upcoming webinar.)

For buyers and their agents, Showing Suite says their new app works much like Evernote. Buyers can take notes, pictures, and video during showings to share with their agent via digital notebooks.

Here's our at-a-glance rundown of the features of each app:

Seller Side

Listing Agent

  • Automatically gather showing feedback
  • View feedback and showing statistics
  • See all prior showings on your listings
  • Request feedback from a showing agent
  • View all of your listing information
  • Search through contacts to call or email them


  • View statistical reports on showings
  • Read feedback from potential buyers
  • View upcoming showings
  • Approve appointments
  • Set blocked times for showings

showsuite mobile app seller

Buyer Side

Buyer's Agent

  • Share showing notebooks with buyers
  • Share showing notes, pics, videos, and favorites
  • Respond to feedback requests
  • Request and manage showings via Showing Robot


  • Create text, picture, and video notes during showings
  • Share notes with agent, on social media, and with family and friends
  • Receive notifications of price changes and listing status changes on homes visited

showsuite mobile app buyer

The new Showing Suite mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.