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Become a Stronger Listing Agent in 4 Steps

July 25 2014

agent sign soldHow balanced is your business? If you're a buyer's agent with few or no listings, the strength of your real estate practice may be suffering.

A healthy real estate strategy includes cultivating both buyers and sellers. After all, the two groups have a symbiotic relationship with each other. A robust pool of buyers to market to enables you to sell listings faster, while a set of solid listings helps you attract higher quality buyers. Growing both sides makes for a stronger, more well-rounded business.

However, competition for listings is fierce. And it's no wonder—listings take only one-third of the time and effort of working with buyers! So today, we're outlining four strategic steps you can take to attract listing leads, convert them into clients, and sell their homes.

Step 1: Understand Sellers

Understanding buyers? That's easy. It's not difficult to identify them on your website and learn what type of property that they're interested in—just look at their search behavior. It's much harder, however, to know who potential sellers are. Unlike buyers, they're not searching for homes online.

So how can agents reach out to potential listing leads without an easy way to identify them? Try turning your attention to another type of website user—those searching for home values.

Homeowners may be looking up property values for a myriad of reasons—contemplating a move or possible refinancing, or maybe just wondering how they compare to the neighbors. By considering all the reasons a potential seller may be searching, you can craft a strategy for reaching out.

Step 2: Generate More Listing Leads

Before you can reach out, you must first generate leads. Try implementing marketing campaigns on channels like Craigslist, social media, direct mail, and more.

Whatever your method, be sure to always communicate your unique value, like your experience and customer service skills. The goal here is to invite potential leads to find their home value, with assistance from you.

Step 3: Create a Winning Listing Presentation

Once contact takes place, you can begin the conversion process. Your first major hurdle to winning your new lead's business is a strong listing presentation. This series of articles below outlines 56 tips for ensuring your presentation is successful. Read similar articles here.



While you should certainly highlight your strengths—your years of experience, success stories, and statistics like time to close—the listing presentation should ultimately be about the seller. Listen to your prospect's questions and concerns. Let them know that you care about selling their home.

Step 4: Turn Listings into Sold Homes

First, you must increase exposure by driving as many potential buyers to your website, and therefore your listings, as possible. This can be done a number of ways, including paid advertising, listing syndication, single property websites, open houses, and more.

The second strategy involves leveraging your already existing resources. If you've been a strong buyer's agent, for example, you already have a pool of qualified buyers that you can market your listings to. This is where building a balanced business comes in handy!