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6 Types of Video Marketing Content Perfect for Multiple Generations

July 23 2014

multi generational familyTo successfully market to real estate buyers and sellers, agents need to be aware of the purchasing habits and preferred communication channels of each generation.

The challenge is that there is a distinct difference in lifestyle and comfort with technology across the generations. But this doesn't mean that agents have to completely alter their marketing campaigns for each age group. There is, after all, much that the generations have in common--including a love of video.

According to ComScore, more than 83% of people across all generations watch at least one video on the web per month. When it comes to real estate, a study from NAR and Google found that video sites like YouTube are among the top online destinations for consumers researching property. If you're looking for an effective way to reach consumers, a consolidated effort in video can yield great results.

So what kind of video content are the various generations looking for and where do those needs intersect? To find out, we asked the experts at RealBiz MediaRealBiz Media. RealBiz's listing video platform lets agents target specific demographics with relevant video content. Here are some of their ideas for marketing to the generations according to their similar needs:

First Home

Millennials prize online research, and since most will be unfamiliar with the process of buying a home, the Internet will be the first resource they turn to. One possibility would be to create a video on "Buying Your First Home" with all of the useful information and experience that you as an agent have. If you work closely with a lender, you can even partner with them and create a co-branded video.

Speaking of mortgages, Millennials are struggling with record-breaking student debt and a sluggish job market. If you know of any down payment assistance programs in your area, an informational video on eligibility requirements and the application process is very helpful.

Generation X may be in a similar boat as Millennials. During the recession, over 1.2 million people lost their homes. This dire statistic largely affected Gen X. Recent studies have shown that people in this generation lost up to 45% of their net worth between 2007-2010 ( Now, many members of Generation X are re-entering the housing market, and are again considered "first-time buyers" by lenders.

Vacation and Investment Properties

Vacation homes, second homes and investment properties are geared towards economically established buyers. These are people who have the finances to be seeking a second home.

The target market for vacation homes will be primarily Baby Boomers, with some of Generation X making the cut, as well. For these buyers, the focal point of the videos should be two things--lifestyle and potential return on investment, both of which are attractive to prospective buyers.

Schools and Community

Both young (Millennial) and established (Gen X) families alike will find school and community information very valuable when house shopping. Creating video which sells the friendliness of your community will go a long way towards attracting buyers.

Millennials, in particular, have a keen interest in the cultural offerings of an area. Members of this generation are most likely to eschew owning a car, and so prize the "walkability" of a neighborhoodprize the . Create a video that captures the "vibe" of a neighborhood, including information on restaurants, bars, parks, museums, festivals, and more that are easily accessible on foot or by public transportation. Members of Generation X are sure to enjoy this information, too!

Energy Efficiency and Green Communities

"Green" living is a concern that crosses generations, with each group having their own set of reasons on why the issue is important to them. To connect with viewers of all ages, play to their wallets with content about how energy efficiency saves money. This can include tips on low-flow toilets, water efficient appliances, energy efficient lights, etc.

Create a video on energy efficient features to look for in a home, or energy drains to avoid (old, poorly insulated windows, for example). If you work with a contractor, ask if they'd be willing to share their expertise on a co-branded video.

Condo Living

Condominiums fit the housing needs of two groups in very different stages of life: Millennials and Boomers. For Millennials who are just starting in real estate and may not have families yet, condos are an affordable entry point into homeownership. Boomers, on the other hand, have finished raising their kids and may be looking to downsize.

Create videos about local condominiums in your area. Focus on what each offers and their proximity to amenities.

Retirement Communities

The oldest Baby Boomers are just now hitting retirement age. This famously energetic generation may not be thinking about slowing down just yet, so any videos about retirement communities should focus on the amenities and social opportunities they offer.

Even if Boomers are not ready for retirement just yet, they may have aging parents whose care they're in charge of. Create videos that appeal to Boomers looking to find a community for their parents.

Examples of Video Marketing Success

Wonder what a successful marketing video looks like?

RealBiz Media directed us to ERA® Real Estate who has implemented the RealBiz Media property video microsite program into their marketing 4.0 strategy for agents and brokers. Here are some great examples of videos they have created to target specific home buyer demographics:

Real Estate Simplified: Go Green

Buying Your First Home