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How to Make Sure Clients Keep Coming Back For More

July 22 2014

If you ask most agents, they will tell you most of their business comes from past clients or referrals--but NAR's 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows only 12 percent of people buy or sell a home with agents they used in the past, despite high satisfaction.

Here are some proven tips for keeping your clients coming back for more.

comingback realtoycommander2Be kind the first time around:

The single best piece of advice to get a second round of business is to do a great job the first time. A survey conducted by the Massachusetts Real Estate News showed the biggest complaint from recent buyers about their Realtor is the lack of communication.

There are things you can do to really stand out during the home buying process and to keep yourself organized so that you always return a voicemail and get to appointments on time. Software is available that allows agents and brokers to share information and the paperwork processes directly with clients. Keeping them in the loop alleviates their stress and they will remember this relief when it's time to buy another property.

Phone Home:

Try to personally contact each of your past clients every 90 days to ensure you stay fresh in their minds. If you have a massive client base, try to at least contact the top 50 in a timely manner. Many agents will check in via email or through social media. While this can be effective, a phone call is much more intimate.

comingback realtyCommander3Reach out and touch someone:

Reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them for information about and friends, family, or business associates in need of a quality agent. This will have a snowball effect on your lead generation. More satisfied clients will produce a higher quantity of leads funneling into your business.

Happy Anniversary:

Remembering birthdays and special dates is important in our personal lives, and the same applies to the real estate business. Send anniversary cards or small gifts to clients on the anniversary date of their home purchase. Even small gestures go a long way in the client's mind and your name will pop up when somebody asks for a referral.

Utilize social media:

All of us are on social media in one capacity or another. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest should be used as a platform to interact with clients on a daily basis. Make sure to "friend" or "follow" current or past clients. Post local news, market trends, and informative articles directly to your social media base. If you are consistent and professional, you can really start building a base of return customers and referrals.

Make House Calls:

comingback realtycommander4Just because doctors stopped doing business in homes doesn't mean the practice won't be effective for your real estate business. Try to arrange a friendly home visit with top clients at least once a year. Some successful agents make follow-up visits a few days after the buyers move in to their new home to see how they are handling the new transition. Putting that little bit of effort to be personable will keep you in their minds when it's time to buy the next home.

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