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5 Tips For a Better Online Profile

July 09 2014

You could say that the team at Househappy are experts on what makes a great online profile. After all, the visual search portal hosts thousands of free agent profiles on their site. We got them to dish on what it takes to create a profile that attracts consumers.

A professional online profile is a meaningful tool for lead generation and building brand presence. After all, more than 90 percent of prospective buyers search online during their home buying process.

So how do you make the most of your profile? Check out these tips for building a better online profile.

househappy profiles Nick Krautter1. Be visual. Photos matter—and not just the images of property listings. Statistics show that more than 60% of an individual's impression is formed within seconds, and their decision is heavily weighted by your visual appearance.

"I love the new Househappy Agent ProfileHousehappy Agent Profile because you can change your cover image to display your most recent property for sale, or to your updated logo or team photo," says Nick Krautter, principal broker at Keller Williams Portland Central.

Team photos can be tricky. Pat Pendley, principal broker at RE/MAX IntegrityRE/MAX Integrity, captured his three-person real estate team by staggering his associates into a triangular formation. Pendley and his team look directly into the camera with friendly open faces. Strong eye contact helps create a visual connection that buyers will remember during their search.

2. Be authentic. People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Share your personal passions and what makes you unique. Elaborate on the areas of your life that wouldn't normally fit on a business card, like volunteer roles, hobbies, or a personal success story.

Tracey Hicks, real estate broker and co-owner at Dwell RealtyDwell Realty, clearly articulates her move toward a real estate career while also highlighting her people skills and commitment to community. "Being able to continue working with people and stay in the community is a big reason why I went from childcare to real estate."

3. Be truthful. Call attention to your goals and success. Show off your skills, but don't oversell on anything you can't deliver. Follow this simple three-part format for success.

First, introduce yourself. Make people see you as a regular person, not a faceless company. Second, write about the types of buyers or transactions that you specialize, with a description your target client. Integrate keywords that your target client might use in a Google search when searching for a home or agent. These keywords will stand out to your target client when they view your profile.

Finally, conclude your profile with a statement on how people can benefit from your unique skills and talents.

4. Be clear. Use friendly, uncomplicated language in your profile. Think beyond industry jargon and try to explain your business in a way that anyone could understand. Telling your story in the first person makes your company seem more approachable.

Pienovi Properties at Realty TrustPienovi Properties at Realty Trust makes their positioning clear in their description—they are"dedicated to making buying and selling real estate a smooth and effortless process for our clients."

Making your profile visually easy to read helps, too. Don't expect anyone to read a big block of text. Instead, break it up into a few paragraphs.

5. Be accessible. Make it easy for buyers to contact you. Include all contact info, including social media profiles. Many buyers may feel more comfortable reaching out to an agent through social media—and consistent visuals across all platforms will reinforce your brand.

Alex Perriello of Realogy Franchise Group says that the closer you get to the listing company brand, the higher the lead conversion. A link to the listing agent's profile is included next to each property on Househappy so that buyers can easily connect.

Krautter agrees: "It's great to have a page dedicated to me and my business, so buyers can get to know me and learn about my professional experience."