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9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps

February 22 2010

istocksocialmediaTechnology expert Jason Yormark, found at Jason Yormark.comJason recently wrote My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media AppsMy 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps. This article provided great suggestions for how to use your iPhone to stay connected with Social Media channels.

Real estate agents and brokers are always on the go, thoughout their busy week. These applications provide ways to market, stay connected with their clients, and expand their network 24/7.

It can be overwhelming to weed through the countless iPhone applications that have already been created to aid consumers on the road. This article gives you just nine of these to consider, but these are well worth the time to read and learn about.

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As if spending countless hours on the computer with social media wasn’t enough, there’s a quite a few excellent apps out there that help you manage, monitor and communicate through your social media channels on the go. While some of these are quite obvious, perhaps a few in here are new to you. Regardless, here are my 9 favorite social media iPhone apps.

1. Facebook – Really if you don’t have this one on your phone, you really aren’t interested in this article to begin with right?

2. LinkedIn – Their first version was pretty lame, but the most recent update brings the app into usable form.

3. Tweetie 2 – In my opinion, the crown jewel of Twitter iPhone apps. Slick interface, easy to use, and a front pager for me.

4. Meebo – Recently launched, a free IM client that is terrific. Works like a charm, and practically supports every IM client there is including Facebook.

5. Yelp – Perhaps a social media reach, but the fact is, Yelp has many social media aspects to their site, and I use this app quite a bit. My fav app to find everything on the go, and read reviews from the community.

6. Wordpress – Again, another example of the 2nd version of the app breaking through. I don’t really blog with the app, but monitoring comments is very useful on the fly.

7. Mashable – Recently just launched, a slick little app to stay on top of social media and technology stories quickly and easily.

8. Byline – There are quite a few RSS iPhone apps, but I’ve found Byline to fill my needs quite nicely. Synchs with Google Reader seamlessly, and I can easily stay up to date on my fav blogs.

9. Ustream Live Broadcaster – Maybe not for everyone, but it’s still pretty amazing to be able to stream live video straight from your phone…for free!

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