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Top 4 Best Types of Content for Real Estate

June 23 2014

4types tribusWondering why it's important to have a regularly updated blog? Providing your customer base with pertinent information may not increase your sales volume at a substantial rate, but it will help to give readers an inside look at the community you represent. It can also show potential leads that you are an expert in everything "home" related. Here are the three best types of content for real estate:

Community News

You know the ins and outs of the community in which you do the majority of your work. Whether it's a new restaurant opening, an award, development taking place or an upcoming event, these are all pertinent things for current and potential home owners to know. Community news is also a great way to drive traffic to your sight. Consider yourself the eyes and ears of the community, and unlike newspapers that cover a large area, your site is localized.

Community news can also be a quick glance at specific regions or neighborhoods within the community. New parks, regulations, bike or pedestrian initiatives, volunteer events and seasonal news are all interesting to new home buyers. These types of posts are even beneficial to people already living in the town who may decide to purchase a new property in the future.

Market Updates

Home buyers and sellers want to know when its a good time to buy or sell, what the median single-family home value is in their neighborhood, and what the inventory levels are like in the area. These components and more are incredibly important for anyone involved in the home purchasing process. Use this data to create blog posts that shine a light on the what's truly happening within a community. Are home values falling? Is demand on the rise? How long are homes on market on average? These are all questions that your leads want to know.


Evergreen is a journalistic term that basically means a story is applicable, no matter when it is read. These stories can be about home improvement, decor, art, cleaning tips and basic information for home buyers. Although evergreen stories aren't localized, it ensures the real estate agent is seen as an overall expert in the field of real estate.


From tips to selling a home in the dead of winter to landscaping ideas to make the most of any yard, seasonal tips are like evergreen in that they are applicable to a lot of people, but they are only in season for a few months. Good news, though: They typically can still be referenced a year after being posted unless the stories are tied into current news topics.

We know, it's a lot to remember, but that's why we're here! Our team of content marketers is well-versed in the ins and outs of blogging for real estate agents.

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