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"Sent From my iPhone"

June 19 2014

iphone emailHave you ever received an email and debated on whether or not it was canned or something that the sender wrote specifically for you?

When you receive a newsletter, or something that looks like a "drip campaign" it is easy to discard or skip over. However, if someone took the time to write you a personal 1 to 1 email, you almost feel obligated to send a reply.

Today's average email user receives hundreds of emails a day. They can instantly detect drips from real communication... or can they?

Want to open the doors of communication with a client you haven't engaged in awhile? Try this email...

Hey Bob, haven't chatted with you in some time. How's the family and the house? Any awesome plans for the summer?

- Steve

"Sent from my iPhone"

Go ahead, give it a try! Put this into your contact management system, do an email merge for the contacts name, and send out 20 of these at once. I bet you get more responses than sending out 250 digital newsletters. Why?

  • The email is short
  • It's about the recipient, not you
  • They can't decipher that it was a drip...
  • and "sent from my "iPhone" (or Android) only solidifies their belief it's not a drip

Don't want to stretch the truth by adding that line in at the bottom when it really wasn't sent from your mobile? I don't blame you! Here is a quick video on how to do a quick mail merge from your Top Producer on your mobile device. Top Producer on your mobile device.

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