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6 Fs for a Good Life

June 19 2014

6FsForAGoodLifeYou only live once, right? Better make it a doozy! You don't have to waste your time on "good enough." You can live your good life. It's as simple as following my "6 Fs" for an effing great life. Work on each of these areas (I'll give you some recommendations) and watch your life change for the better.

1. Faith. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to belong to an organized religion. All you really need is to believe in something greater than yourself. That's faith – and it will comfort you when things get rough, give you sense of belonging, help you understand your purpose on this planet and guide your important decisions.

  •  Action items: This is a great time to reaffirm your faith and take a more active role in your church, if you belong to an organized religion. If, on the other hand, you have developed your own form of spirituality, take some time to reflect on those beliefs. Meditate. Spend time in nature and find the wonder in the world around you. Stop worrying that you have to control everything, and trust in your higher power. Sometimes, after much thinking, assessing, planning, and preparing, we just have to let go and have faith that things will work out.

2. Family/Friends. The people we love, friends and family, are absolutely essential to our happiness. Our family/friends support us when times are tough and celebrate with us when things go well.

  •  Action items: Always make time for the people you love – no matter how busy you are. Set up a time every week to check-in with your family. Use that meeting to ensure that their needs are being met and keep up-to-date with the major happenings in their lives. LISTEN TO THEM.

3. Finances. Quite possibly my favorite "F." Money makes your good life possible. Everything - going out to eat, looking gorgeous, watching a movie, traveling the world, and driving a car - takes money. No money means no good life.

  • Action items: Fall in love with money. It's not just the title of my bookmy book; it's my financial philosophy. Move beyond the shame and uncertainty you may have felt about your finances. Replace them with a healthy appreciation for money and all the wonderful things it makes possible.

4. Fitness/Food. Busy people often make the serious mistake of letting this area slide. Unfortunately, they pay the price with their mental abilities, mood, and physical wellbeing. Working on your physical health will pay dividends in energy, happiness, and confidence.

  • Action items: Make healthy living a part of your routine. Buddy-up with a friend and schedule a run, bike ride, hike or exercise class with them several times per week. Eat a healthy diet. It's simpler than you think – just eat lots of unadulterated protein and fresh veggies. Stay away from simple carbs and processed sugar. A good place to start is to replace one unhealthy food per day with a healthy option; you can increase your healthy choices from there. But remember: my philosophy is that a little indulgence is a good thing, so go ahead and give yourself a little dark chocolate at the end of each day as a treat.

5. Fun. All work and no play makes Krisstina a dull girl. What's the point of working hard to make money if you're not enjoying life? Even if you think work is "fun," you still need to have some outside interests.

  • Action items: Find a hobby or dust off a hobby that you've been neglecting. Plan a party for your friends; don't wait for a birthday or anniversary – just celebrate being fabulous. Go on vacation - and don't check your phone the whole time!

6. Flourish. Never stop growing. In my book, I say, "I am either becoming, or I am becoming old." We all need that sense of purpose or life begins to feel stagnant. This is especially true for those of us with grand dreams, active brains, and big ambitions.

  • Action items: Learn a new language. Take a class online or at your local university. Join a cooking club to become an expert in healthy cuisine. Reinvent yourself regularly and constantly revisit your "why."your Become a lifelong learner. Attend at least two conferences a year, get a coach, read one business book per month, and learn a new technology.

Want to hear some more good news? You may think that you need to be rich to have the luxury of paying attention to these six areas. It's actually the other way around. If you're purposeful about the "6 Fs," the money/happiness/success will follow naturally.

What are your secrets for living a good life?

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