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Headshot and Video Style Tips for Real Estate Agents

June 18 2014

This post comes to us from the blog:

headshots homefinderA successful branding strategy will make potential buyers feel like they know you, before they have met you in person. Appearing polished in your headshots and video-marketing materials goes beyond vanity – it is how potential clients will perceive you. Follow these on-camera tips to elevate the professionalism of your branding materials.

Work with professionals

If your headshots are outdated (10+ years old) or you are looking to build a video library of your expert advice, assemble a team of experts to help you update your most important brand assets.

This doesn't need to be expensive – visit sites like to find freelance photographers or videographers, or contact a local college to see if they have any photography/videography students looking to build their portfolios.

Consider getting your hair styled and makeup professionally applied – it will be an investment that pays off every time a potential client sees your branding materials.

Select an appropriate background

Make sure you have a portfolio of conservative headshots with a neutral background (ideally gray), minimal jewelry and well-tailored, business professional attire.

If you are looking to build a broader range of personal marketing materials, take a series of photographs in the area you specialize in (i.e. near a loft condo building if you are an urban agent; near your local harbor if you specialize in lakefront property; or on your local Main Street if you specialize in suburban listings).

For video, choose a natural setting, such as your office if you are offering home buying advice; a listing if you are giving open house tips; or the neighborhood you specialize in if you are sharing insider secrets.

Edit your colors and accessories

Certain colors appear more flattering than others on-camera. Cool colors like blues and grays look clean, professional and photograph well. Avoid:

  • Black and white: Even though these colors are a classic combination, a black and white wardrobe tends to blend in with scenery and can make you look washed out.
  • Bright orange, red or yellow: These statement colors have a tendency to make most skin tones skin look sallow.

Video specific style tips

Video is an ideal platform to showcase your knowledge and personality before you meet a client in person, but make sure your wardrobe isn't doing the talking for you. Avoid:

  • Tight patterns (check, houndstooth, pinstripe): These busy patterns can be unflattering and can create an optical illusion on camera.
  • Bold, bright patterns (large florals, geometric shapes): Loud patterns may work as an attention-getter, but viewers will be distracted by the movement on screen and ignore your main message.
  • Jewelry: Avoid any accessory that reflects light or may cause additional noise, like bangles. When in doubt, wear a classic watch and small earrings.
  • Ties: Save your funky patterns for in-person meetings, and wear a neutral, pattern-free option for filming.
  • Eyeglasses: If you typically wear eyeglasses, consider using contact lenses for the day. The lenses on most glasses cause a glare that can be noticeable on camera.
  • Shoes: Wear a professional style shoe like pumps or loafers in a neutral color. Practice walking in them beforehand so you have a natural gait that is reflected on screen.

Final assets

Make sure your photographer touches up your photographs while making sure you still look like you (i.e. easy on the Photoshop!), and gives you the digital files. For a portfolio of photographs, be sure your logo and branding is reflected throughout the materials.

A video series should include consistent graphics, music and your logo and contact information to avoid a home video quality.

Upon completion of the project, you should have a set of marketing materials that is professional, polished and still looks like you!

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