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4 Ways to Offer a Helping Hand Online

June 17 2014

Homes com helping handAs social media continues to evolve and grow, so does the variety of ways the medium is used. Brands and consumers use social media as a means to connect, promote, and convince. Why don't more brands offer online help via their social channels? According to a study by Cohn and Wolfe in October 2013, only 5% of consumers in the UK and US believe big businesses are very transparent and honest.

1. Help provide a solution.

There's a saying that goes something like, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." In any business, the goal is to have your product or service fill a void and offer a solution to your client's problem or need. And so the cycle continues; as more needs arise, successful businesses offer more solutions to satisfy those needs. In social media, needs and requests for help aren't as apparent as they may be elsewhere, but offering a source of support should still be vital.

2. Help build a sense of community.

What better way to grow your referral network than by taking advantage of summer and gathering around the grill or pool for your next client appreciation event? Offer a $25 Starbucks gift card to the client who tags your Facebook Business Page or Instagram handle most frequently at the party. Create Facebook events and tease them out with Instagram posts to build a buzz. Use Pinterest to evoke ideas for your next event, from client appreciation parties to an open house!

3. Help to inform.

Establish your social channels to be a source of real-time content to inform your clients of any news, weather and traffic updates. Share content from your local news stations that touch on real estate. Share up-to-date market trends and neighborhood reports that can help buyers, sellers and renters make faster purchase decisions. Post this content on Facebook. Ask a question on Instagram to get conversation going. +1 a relevant post on Google plus that speaks to your audience.

4. Help promote wellness.

In addition to creating community culture, promoting a healthy lifestyle is a trend that is here to stay. In fact, reports 90% of consumers value brands that play a role in enabling their personal goals. Highlight amenities like an on-site fitness center, pool or tennis court at the community for your health-conscious buyer or seller.

Implementing these helpful tactics will add value to your brand and establish you as a better business.

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