Video: Your Clients Are Cheating on You – Learn How to Keep Them from Going Astray

June 12 2014

Our Summer Webinar Series keeps marching on (see our previous event here). On Wednesday, we teamed up with Listingbook to learn about a tool that can keep clients loyal--all while offering better data than any consumer search portal!

If you missed the webinar, don't worry. We recorded it for you. See the video below to catch up on what you missed:

Did you know that 98% of online leads aren't really valuable? The secret to success with web leads is finding the other 2% and nurturing them--but that's often hard to do.

We spoke with two real estate pros--an agent and a broker--and they shared how they leverage Listingbook to sift through and qualify leads.

A Tool for Qualifying and Incubating Buyer Leads

Joanne Mills, a Realtor in Long Island, thinks Listingbook is "a great incubation tool for buyers." The platform gives leads and clients access to very complete and accurate property data, and updates them daily on changes to the market--all under your branding and name. "I put every one of my buyers into Listingbook so they're seeing information from me everyday," says Joanne.

The flow of information goes two ways--Joanne can also see her clients' search activity, including specifics like price range, neighborhood, and more. "I'm able to keep an eye on what they're doing--to see if they're engaged and see their interest level. They can move up from C or D buyer to an A buyer that I'm going to reach out to right away and help just by watching their activity."

Craig Beggins, owner of Century 21 Beggins Enterprises in Tampa, purchases Listingbook for all of his agents. "It's like separating the wheat from the chaff. The customer who inquires online and accepts a Listingbook account? That's a good customer," says Craig. "It really helps us cull that vast amount of leads we do get and turn them into something we can actually manage."

Winning Over Sellers

Listingbook can be used with sellers, too. Joanne even brings it up in the listing presentation.

"It makes me stand out a little bit more because I use it as target marketing," she says. "I explain to them, I pay to market your home to people who have already raised their hand and said, 'I want to live in that neighborhood, in that type of home, in that price range.' ... I'm directly marketing to the consumer who's already said, I want to live there, which impresses the sellers greatly. That's a different note that they're not hearing in a marketing plan."

After securing a listing, Joanne sets them up with a seller account so they can receive daily market updates. "We're watching the market--what's coming on and what's going off--which helps me when you need to have a price reduction or a conversation about how we need to change the marketing of the house. They're on top of the market like I am."

To learn about more ways you can leverage this client servicing platform, view the webinar recording.

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