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Generate Leads with Texts!

February 22 2010

istockforsaleWouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter if your flyer box was empty, that potential home buyers can still learn more about your property while they’re in front of it? Sure, the Internet helps home buyers learn and even visualize the property. But what about the stream of potential leads who drive by your property, stop, look for information, but move on in seconds. The front of a house can only tell you so much.

So the question is: what else is there?

Mobile Real Estate ID™ provides an alternative method by using mobile phones to provide interested home buyers with 24/7 listing information. This mobile application allows interested home buyers, who drive by your property, to text a number to receive information within seconds.

Mobile Real Estate ID gives you two sign riders for your For Sale sign, publicizing the phone number to text. A typical sign rider would read, “For Immediate Pricing, Information and Pictures, Text REALESTATE to 88500.” It is simple, quick and, as most individuals today have text capabilities on their phone; it includes a majority of potential home buyers.

An agent does not need an iPhone or a Blackberry for this application to work; even with a smartphone real estate professionals can try out the Free Demo. Enter your mobile number into the Mobile Real Estate ID’s website, and as promised, within seconds you will receive two texts messages. The first text message welcomed you to Mobile Real Estate ID and then provide the listing information on the property. The text specified the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and lot acreage. It gave the listing price and a link to the webpage with all the pictures. The second message willl give the listing agent’s name and email address. It also provides two immediate ways to get in contact with the listing agent; you have the option to text or call the agent directly.

As soon as a potential home buyer requests information, that lead is captured, sending the listing agent their information directly to your agent portal. The agent will be sent their contact information along with the property they are inquiring about and the date and time. These leads are sent in real-time, meaning that you can follow up as quickly as you want!

Never worry about leaving potential home buyer stranded again!