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5 Things You Want to Check on Your Website Right Now

June 10 2014

checkup lwolfDon’t have time for a major update to your website, but haven’t updated anything on it in a while? Here are five things that you should check right now so your users have the most relevant information.

1. Is all of your contact information up to date?

Are all phone numbers and office addresses listed on your site correct? Are your social media accounts tied into your website? Do all of your web forms distribute to the proper channels? You don’t want to run into the position where you may be losing a potential lead because they couldn’t get in touch with you!

2. Do all of your custom web pages and custom search definitions use SEO URL Translations?

SEO URL translations are extremely beneficial when it comes to search engine rankings. They help the search engine know what each page is about.

3. Do all of the links on your home page and on any custom web pages that you’ve created work?

Have you removed or renamed any pages that were linked previously? Have any of the external sites that you may link to moved or gone down? Make sure that your content is still available and suitable for your users.

4. Is all imagery used on your website still relevant?

Is there any seasonal imagery used on your website? Are any of the pictures of people who look like they’ve just stepped out of the 80s? Your website should look current, and imagery can often be an indicator as to whether a website is out of date.

5. Are your property listings displaying high quality imagery?

This is especially important if you are displaying featured properties on your home page. The property’s picture is the first impression a homebuyer sees, and you want to make sure it’s a great first impression!

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