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Are You Using Social Media the Right Way?

June 06 2014

rightway homesSocial networks are the first platforms that allow for a two-way conversation between businesses and their customers. For real estate professionals, this offers a unique opportunity to connect and interact with your community in a way that traditional marketing avenues never allowed.

Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of VaynerMedia and a New York Times bestselling author and social media connoisseur, shared valuable insight into the world of social media marketing during the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, “How to Use Social Media the Right Way.” During this exciting educational session, Vaynerchuk explained why sharing your story matters when it comes to closing more business and highlighted best practices for each of the social networks you should be using.

Market in the Right Place

This savvy marketer believes that social media is a perfect place to invest time and money, but too many people are dedicating those resources to areas that today’s society no longer pays attention to. “It’s my belief that in 2014, most people who are running their business are not marketing it correct,” said Vaynerchuk. “Most companies are spending money on billboards, direct mail, print, radio and TV, both local and national, and they are not getting the same return on investment they were only five years ago.”

Vaynerchuk points out that not all sites are created equal and that you need to understand the psychology of each of them to fully reap their benefits. He said users of Facebook are keeping up with the world, their friends and the brands they care about. Pinterest users are window shopping, meaning that they are looking at things they aspire to buy and may actually purchase. Meanwhile, Instagram users are more artsy and would appreciate an agent that showcases a cool photo of the marble in a bathroom rather than the homes exterior.

Position Yourself as a Resource

Regardless of which social networks you are active on, the goal is to become a strong storyteller. Through the use of valuable content, you should be able to convince someone to go with you over someone else. Vaynerchuk stresses that it’s all about the value proposition, “You need to become educators and provide more value.” In order to provide this value, you must be create posts, tweets and photos that are more than just the homes you have listed. He recommends delivering “Did You Know” types of content when you want to share real estate related information. This will provide value to your followers by keeping them up-to-date on what’s going on in the real estate world, but it does it in a way that isn’t self promoting.

Vaynerchuk also mentions that you want to attract the customer before they’ve made a decision to buy or sell a home. Think of this as a customer already walking down the aisle of a supermarket to get food; you need to get their attention before they ever decide that they need that food.

“You should become the local newspaper in your town,” he said. “When you are a real estate agent, the number one thing is to become the authority. If you blog and Facebook and use Twitter and Pinterest correctly, providing value for the people in your town, you’ll have every housewife, retiree and kid in town following you.”

Providing information that people are interested in will stir up conversations about your business, which helps you stay top of mind even if they are not currently looking for a home.

“The days of just being the real estate agent are over. You are all a product of your expertise in a town. The person who interviewed your daughter on the track team is going to get the business when she goes off to college and the parents decide they are going to move down to Florida.”

Looking for even more tips on how to take advantage of social media? Check out the full webinarCheck out the full webinar, or stay tuned until next week where we will be sharing more of Vaynerchuk’s advice and best practices for each network!

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