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Sharing Maintenance Tips Makes You the Go-to Home Adviser

June 03 2014

What content grabs the attention of homeowners? To find out, you need a lot of data. Drip marketing solution HomeActions has just that--information on the articles that over 1 million consumers are reading. They share those insights here every month so you can use it as a guideline in your own marketing efforts.

social networkThe more than 1 million homeowners who got the HomeActionsHomeActions e-newsletter in May were most interested in saving money on the costs of running their home. Communications about home maintenance position you as an expert in homeownership, not just an expert on buying and selling homes.

Saving Money Motivates

The most-opened HomeActionsHomeActions article in May was Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner Tune Up Can Save You Money. We all like to save money and it's interesting to look at what's involved in doing an air conditioner tune up.

When you share information about home maintenance, like the article in last month's HomeActions e-newsletter, you position yourself as a trusted adviser who cares about the customer's home long after the sale.

You can use similar home maintenance tips in your Facebook and Twitter postings.

The second most-opened HomeActions article, 4 Critical Maintenance Tasks Get Your Home Ready For Summer, could also have been easily transformed into a social media posting.

It was popular in part because of the word "critical" in the headline. "Critical" combined with a deadline (summer) tells your homeowners this is a short list of things that really need to get done ASAP. This inspires them to open and read your communication now.

The third most opened article, These Deck Stains Last The Longest, gave homeowners advice on a task everyone dreads.

Calls to Action

When you share information on home maintenance, always include a call to action asking the viewer to reach out to you if they need help finding someone to do the work. Putting them in touch with a competent service professional positions you as a go-to adviser for all things home related.

When it's time to sell or buy a home, they'll remember you because they've been in touch about home related tasks.