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How Agents Should Use Their iPad

May 29 2014

ipad clients matureIt was not long after the iPhone was released that the rage in real estate was about mobile productivity for agents. "With the iPhone you can do anything," pundits shouted. "Just download an app and get 'er done." If only agent productivity was that simple.

The truth is, if you are over 40 (like 85% of today's real estate sales associates), the iPhone is not a tool that could be considered for productivity. It is a stop-gap that lets you get critical things done until you can get to your computer and go back to work.

The screen on the iPhone is too small. The letters and numbers of the on-screen keypad were designed for the thumbs of an adolescent. Don't get me wrong, everyone who has an iPhone is in love with it, but the iPad is better for mobile work.

If you are trying to figure out your mobile productivity strategy, I would suggest listening to people who have gone mobile. Not just any people, actual real estate professionals that are maximizing mobile productivity every day. They do the stuff you do, and they understand the solutions that you rely on – like the MLS, forms, digital signatures, lead management, listing presentations, CMAs, listing appointments, and buyer appointments. Ask anyone at the Apple Genius bar about this stuff and they hang their head in stupidity. It's like you are speaking a different language.

A few years ago, a shining light appeared in real estate brokerage named Krisstina Wise. She operates a small firm in an exciting real estate market based in Austin, TX.

victor ipad paperless

Technology and mobile are not an option at her company, GoodLife Realty. It is a mandate for everyone. In fact, you cannot work there until you go through a boot camp to learn and demonstrate your experience and acceptance of their methods for using technology to bolster your sales effectiveness. It sounds a bit harsh, but it's their way and it works for them.

As others around the real estate industry heard of this new path, they asked Krisstina and her team to share their process. For GoodLife Realty, every agent can do anything they need to do on any device anytime. 100% of everything they need is accessed via computer, phone, and iPad. To help everyone in the industry out, they wrote everything down that they use, and you can download that paper for freedownload that paper for free.

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