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Krisstina Wise: The Birth of a Brand

If you work in real estate and have any interest in technology, you've heard of Krisstina Wise. She's the powerhouse behind GoodLife Realty, a brokerage that has redefined tech savvy and company culture. She's also a frequent keynote speaker at major industry events and conventions. But you probably haven't seen much of Krisstina in the last year . . . because she almost died.

Yes, the athletic, vibrant, multi-tasking Krisstina finally hit the wall and became very ill. What could have been the end of her career (and possibly her life) actually became the start of something wonderful. She was forced into self-reflection and discovered that, despite all her success, there was something missing. She wasn't pursuing her true passion: helping other women learn to love money and use money to live a great life. Krisstina regained her health and reimagined her life, with a new goal firmly intact.

Falling for Money

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One of the keys to success is finding your gift, the unique value you bring to others, and honoring it. Krisstina recognized that her passion extended beyond real estate; she could also use her life experience and unique perspective to help other professional women live healthy, balanced, financial free good lives. You see, Krisstina wasn't always the powerful woman we know today. She grew up poor and worked hard to create a nest egg, only to lose it all.

"At the root of all my problems was an unhealthy relationship with money," Krisstina explains. "I had to embrace my financial ambition, create healthy habits, and just generally get smart about the green stuff if I wanted to create a real and lasting wealth." And so she began a course of study that involved intensive reading and training under leading financial gurus.