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May Blogging Plan

April 30 2014

laptop notebookYou know the drill, so we'll get right to it. Here are this month's blog topics. As usual, we've provided additional topics that you can use to replace a topic you don't like or to write an additional blog post for the month.

Topic 1: So, Your Neighbor's House is Trashy

Unfortunately, almost all of us have encountered this. We take care of our home and make sure it has nice curb appeal – only to have that curb appeal ruined by a neighbor with a messy yard and run-down house. If you've had this problem, many of your clients have, too! In this blog post, you can provide your suggestions for dealing with this issue. Provide special emphasis on tactics for readers who are considering selling their home.

  • Alternative/Additional Topic 1: Home Improvements with Your Tax Return
    If your readers are lucky, they'll be getting some bucks back from Uncle Sam. In this blog post, you can provide suggestions for home improvements they could make with that money. Focus on improvements that will make the home more appealing should they wish to sell it in the near future.

Topic 2: It's an Open House – Go Inside!

As a REALTOR®, you know that many open house visitors are simply looky-loos, people from the neighborhood that are just curious to get a peek inside the house. In this blog post, you can acknowledge this and – more importantly – tell them that it's okay! It's reasonable for them to be curious. You can also provide a suggested list of questions they might ask the listing agent.

For example:

  • Why have you chosen this listing price?
  • What trends have you noticed in this neighborhood?
  • How is the overall market doing?

In addition to learning about the property and the real estate market, they may meet their future real estate agent. Suggest that, if they really like the listing agent, they ask the agent to come over when the open house is finished and give their thoughts on their own home's value.

  • Alternative/Additional Topic 2: Greening Your Home
    It was Earth Day last month. Did you even notice? There are plenty more reasons to "go green," even if you're not focused on helping Mother Earth. In this post, share tax breaks, reduced energy bills, and other benefits of using green appliances or employing other "green" strategies.

Topic 3: Meet the Candidates

Elections are right around the corner in our County. If you have upcoming local elections as well, your blog is a great place to introduce readers to the candidates. Anyone running for office is eager for any opportunity to get their name and their platform out there. If you call or email them, they'll happily get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

Just a word of warning: it's a good idea to keep silent on your own political opinions. Instead, try to provide an unbiased view of as many candidates as possible. Our own Victor Lund hosted some candidates at a recent company BBQ and wrote a blog post about it. You can draw some inspiration herehere.

  • Alternative/Additional Topic 3: Local Wines or other Local Products
    We live in wine country, so I naturally leap to it – however, this topic will work even if the nearest grapevine is several states away! How? Just replace local wine with another local food or beverage product. Does someone make great beef jerky locally? Brew great beer? Grow delicious oranges?

    Whether it's wine or food, you can interview someone local who has successfully built their own business. Sample whatever it is they make and provide your own thoughts on it. It's a great excuse to go wine-tasting!

Topic 4: Ready to Be a Landlord?

My husband and I have talked about buying a new house and keeping our old house to rent out. But we have lots of questions. Your blog post could answer those questions got people like us. For instance:

  • Should we even do it in the first place? Is it a smart financial move to rent-out your old house? How much work goes into it?
  • How do we choose the right renters?
  • How do we decide to se the monthly rent?
  • What kind of lease should we consider?
  • Should we use a property management company or do it ourselves?

Alternative/Additional Topic 4: That Stinks

If a seller's home smells like mold or mildew, prospective buyers are going to be turned-off and will also wonder if the home has been properly maintained. In this blog post, you can provide tips for doing-away with mold or mildew and the smells they cause.