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Are You Managing Your Risk?

February 02 2011

spamcomingthroughcompscreen200px"Most of us would rather risk catastrophe than read the directions." ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Privacy and information security rules and regulations are changing monthly. Do you know what your legal obligations are to your customers, prospects, associates, vendors, and employees? Have you fully covered your assets?

Today's maze of enacted laws, pending legislation and best management practices related to privacy and information security issues is enough to make even the most savvy business person's head spin. Did you know that there are different laws being proposed nationwide and in Congress on these subjects almost daily? Are you tracking them to make sure you know if and how they will affect your business, and adapting your business model accordingly? Do you know what you need to do to comply with the ones that have been recently enacted to reduce your legal exposure and risk?

To help take the complexities out of fair information practices and data compliance issues and let your business focus on your business, not pages upon pages of compliance and regulatory drafts that may or may not apply to your business process, here is a handy dandy risk management checklist.

On the physical risk management side, do you have?

  • Computers backed-up regularly
  • Disaster Recovery program
  • Archival record storage

On the legal side, do you have?

  • Disclaimers
    • Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    • All printed and digital materials like articles, newsletters
  • Opt-in and opt-outs for electronic newsletters and email notification services
  • Data breach incident recovery plan
  • Privacy insurance


As always, your Privacy Gurus® are here to help. If you haven't checked all of the items above and have any questions, please feel free to contact Cristina for more information.


Darity Wesley is CEO and Legal Counsel for Privacy Solutions, Inc. a San Diego based consulting firm. You can always reach Darity at [email protected] or 619-670-9462.

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