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Why You Should Consider Exclusive Licensing

stand out from crowdHave you ever received the same marketing message from multiple companies? We have. Our CEO, Victor Lund, was recently telling me how three different brokerages sent him the exact same "Spring Forward" postcard. Though each "customized" the message with their logo, they also distributed it via Facebook, Twitter, and email. That's 12 exposures to the same boring message!

As an industry, we can do better. How phony do you look when you're doing the exact same thing as the competitor across the street? What's more, how do you differentiate yourself when all you're doing is exactly what everyone else is doing?

We recently talked about exclusivity in email marketing. The buck doesn't stop there, though. If you want your brokerage to remain competitive, consider purchasing an exclusive license for your company website and back office solutions.

The What and the Why of Exclusive Licensing

So what is an exclusive license? In short, it's a way to guarantee that the product you've purchased cannot be used by any other broker in your area. While more expensive than a non-exclusive license, exclusive licensing pays off in other ways.