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8 Things to Think About When Writing For Your Real Estate Website

April 15 2014

8thingswebsite lonewolfFor all real estate agents, the most important part of their websites is generating leads. With that being said, writing content for your website is also very important for keeping visitors on your website and providing great SEO for your website's ranking. It can be a major determining factor for a visitor choosing to sign with you as their real estate agent. Many websites fail to deliver in this area. Below are some helpful tips when writing website content: 

1. Have Up to Date Content

With the real estate industry always changing, the last thing you want is a visitor to be reading a page on your website, only to finish reading it and notice that it is five years old. This can frustrate potential clients, as they may feel what they've read may no longer be applicable.

2. Have Relevant and Interesting Content

If you are including content about saving energy in the home, make sure you stay true to that topic and don't get sidetracked with irrelevant information. Consistency is key. The more exciting your content is to read, the greater your chance of generating a lead. Remember that you are also trying to market yourself with your content, so the more memorable the content, the bigger your gain.

3. Include Images

Make sure that you have images that are relevant, as with your written content, having up to date images will work to your benefit. You also need to be sure they are royalty free, in the public domain, or are pictures you have taken, or that you have permission to use (never assume you have permission to use an image unless you have asked).

4. Help Guide Users Through Your Site

If you are writing a page about buying a home, and you have a link on the bottom of the page leading to further relevant reading or to web forms, it will increase lead generation. This will allow for them to get in contact with you, ask questions, or request more information.

5. Structure Your Text

Using proper header tags, bolding proper content and fully justifying text are just a few ways to make your content look clean and professional. Make good use of white space and break your content up into smaller paragraphs or sections to make it easier to read and less overwhelming.

6. Spell Check Your Content

Make sure you are always reading over your work after you have finished it. Walk away from the content for a short while, so that when you come back to it later, you can look at it with fresh eyes. You'll catch errors much easier this way. A second pair of eyes never hurts either.

7. Make Your Content Short and Sweet

Be sure your content sticks to the point – don't make your reader work too hard.

8. Speak Plain English

As with any profession, real estate agents have short forms and industry lingo, but using this in your general content can alienate visitors. They may miss what you are saying, become confused, or feel undermined. Speaking in terms the average person can understand will help you in the long run.

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