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How Social Networking Brings The World Closer

January 31 2011

closer world 200pxThe last 2 years have shown a remarkable growth in the use of social networking during political events, domestic upheavals and international news. The immediacy of delivery with cell phones in particular creates a fluid response for everyone, whether they are directly or indirectly connected to social networking platforms.

Television news networks now depend on social networking platforms, specifically Twitter for at-the-moment updates on literally every type of breaking news.

The use of social media and networking using Twitter and Facebook is considered a prime resource to connect people in today’s world. Online activism and social media brings people together with like minded interests.

Events can be organized with new members in the  thousands by the hour simply by creating a Facebook Fan PageFacebook Fan Page.  Making a comment on a TwitterTwitter account (tweeting)  that relates to a key issue using a key word with a hashtag and a maximum of 180 charachters for searching purposes creates a steady flow of followers.

The power of the Internet provides everyone an equal platform to share information; coordinating for activism, information resource and verification.

Because of Twitter’s flexibility, simplicity and easy accessibility, I firmly believe that it has become the key communication platform in today’s diverse world.