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For Success in Business, Get Personal

April 08 2014

father daughterPeople connect with others on different levels. If the connection you have is strictly business, you probably do not have the foundation for a long-standing relationship. If you connect with a business partner on business and something else, the relationship is likely to be longer and more sustainable.

In truth, I only have experience to back this up. The way that this occurred to me was a review of my emails from the past week. The number of emails that contained regular business stuff, plus other personal stuff struck me. In one case, I was corresponding about business and about her daughter who is looking to join the entertainment industry like my daughter. Another was about a proposal and a boat show. Another was about business and wine. Another was about business and golf. Another was about business and spring skiing. Another was about business and his child, and so on.

For most executives, their business life and personal lives are entwined. There is never enough time for either, so we take personal calls during the day and business calls at night. We are always trying to keep everything balanced, and the best possible way is to prioritize across business and personal all of the time.

There are a lot of business executives that have avoided social media. That is probably a mistake. Taking a quick moment to look on Facebook or LinkedIn for a recent status update or two can go a long way toward building better and longer term relationships with people in your business and personal lives. Interestingly enough, the latest big development in CRM solutions over the past few years is integrating social networks. It allows you to see recent posts in your contact database without having to open up each social network. It is a powerful feature.

I guess another way to look at this is that if you value a business relationship, take a moment to deepen that relationship by making it personal. Do this not only for your customers or prospects, but also for your staff. After all, we are all in this together.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Plus under the handle @victorlund. I hope we can connect.

P.S. I live on the Central Coast of California, love fresh local organic food, wine, golf and my daughter is a professional dancer. In the past, I raced sailboats on professional teams in regattas throughout the western hemisphere.