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An Inside Look at Content that Engages

April 04 2014

What makes content engaging? In this article, the drip marketing experts from HomeActions share their insight based on analytics of their most read content. Note that their most popular articles focus on topics that benefit all homeowners, not just those that are actively buying or selling. To learn more about engaging marketing, join us for a free webinar this Wednesday.

laptopThe more than 1 million homeowners who got the HomeActions enewsletter in March were most interested in organizing their homes as spring approaches and also worried about losing the mortgage interest deduction.

The most-opened article, 5 Quick Ways To Make More Space In Your Bathroom, offered up ways to organize your medicine cabinet. That's an appealing idea because most of us have more stuff than bathroom. And if your kids share a bathroom, there's definitely not enough room in there for everything they own.

The second most popular article, Homeowner Deductions Scrapped In Camp's Federal Tax Plan, was popular because it strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners. Even if you're a taxpayer who goes with the standard deduction instead of itemizing to use the mortgage interest deduction, you still don't want to lose the mortgage deduction.

How to Discuss Politics

Worried that a political topic like the MID will anger some portion of your contacts? HomeActions got only positive feedback about the article. We did get some emails expressing anger toward Washington D.C.

But, there wasn't a single email from a homeowner who supported cutting the MID or chastising us for meddling in the arguments over the U.S budget deficit.

The bottom line? You can successfully write about political issues as long as they're relevant to homeowners and you stick to the facts.

You'll find the details about most political issues affecting homeowners on NAR's websiteNAR's website. Sign up for NAR's Realtor PartyNAR's Realtor Party and subscribe to NAR's weekly report to get information about legislative and regulatory issuesregulatory issues.

Think about each issue from the perspective of a conservative homeowner and a liberal homeowner. Is NAR's position good for both of them? If it is, that's information worth sharing with your contacts. If it only benefits Realtors, skip it.