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Are You Still Your Client's Agent? Are You Sure?

April 01 2014

HomeKeepr TechagentEven though you had a great relationship when you put them in a house, there's only a 25% chance your client will call you when it comes time to sell. It's true! According to NAR, about 25% of sellers use their buying agent to sell their house. The killer is, about 88% of homebuyers say, at closing, that they would reuse their agent!

I guess a bottle of wine at closing, holiday cards, and an email campaign might not be all that effective. Maybe that's because they are generic and everyone is doing them. Try something that is customized for your client, branded by you, and is new to the market: Enter HomeKeeprHomeKeepr.

HomeKeepr is a mobile app that keeps you valuable and relevant to your client long AFTER closing. It's also a branded app for homeowners that helps your clients manage their biggest asset. Each app reminder is associated with a vendor from the directory, and the best part is the vendors and services in the directory are provided by you, the agent!

HomeKeepr solves several problems for you in one app:

1. "Set it and forget it" touch campaign – HomeKeepr auto generates custom, branded home maintenance reminders once or twice per month. Each reminder has three key features:

  • "What, how, and why" information about the relevant maintenance
  • Your profile picture, logo and contact information
  • A list of vendors (from the directory; more below) who can help with the task.

HomeKeepr Techagent22. Differentiate yourself – you are just one of many realtors sending out periodic emails to your client. What is in those emails that your client can't get from a number of sources? Are those emails truly personal to that client? HomeKeepr gives fully customized, branded recommendations putting you right where your clients are--on their phone!

How the app works:

  1. You, the agent, sign up at
  2. You upload your favorite local vendors and services (plumbers, restaurants, etc.) into your account.
  3. You purchase some credits. Each credit entitles you to invite one client. If you buy credits one at a time, they cost $4.99 each. If you buy over 100, they are $2.99 each.
  4. You invite your clients. The app is free for your clients and your clients only see your content.
  5. Clients can only ever have one branded version of the app, keeping you their agent for as long as they use HomeKeepr.

Calendars, refrigerator magnets and email campaigns are all vestiges of the past and everyone does them. HomeKeepr is a new app, branded by you, that provides custom, useful content to homeowners. You have to provide some value to get some value and HomeKeepr is one way to help your clients in a meaningful home-related way, long after closing. HomeKeepr is currently available for iPhone and iPad. The Android version will be ready by the end of April 2014.

With HomeKeepr, you are kept top of mind by staying valuable, for as long as your client is in their home. For more information, please visit

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