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How Paperless Are You?

Smartphone Dollar Sign Point2Before there were iPads, smartphones, and laptops, agents listed and sold real estate every day without them. But today’s competitive market demands that all parties be "in the loop" for every transaction. We must utilize systems and devices that keep us connected in order to meet the real-time needs of demanding consumers.

New tools are typically a great asset to sales and business. Where would we be without some of these great tools? As an example, copiers make duplication easier. Digital phones that double as cameras allow agents to take pictures and videos that can be uploaded immediately to engage buyers and update sellers.

With all the new-fangled equipment, tools, devices and resources out there, how does a busy agent figure out what will help them make more money, more easily and efficiently?

Going paperless helps to streamline the many systems and communication channels needed to stay connected, organized and more importantly, efficient!

Whether you are interested in going green, or simply want to get control of the crazy paper challenge, you might want to make it simple by implementing one step at a time. Garry Wise started out in real estate and noticed a huge gap in keeping all the parties in a transaction up to date as the transaction progressed. What if he could come up with a better way to do just that? So he did! Garry created and has helped hundreds of agents harness the power of going digital!

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