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After They Arrive, What Gets Their Contact Info?

March 28 2014

contact us websiteboxWe're rounding up prospects--or we should probably call them suspects at this point. We've created content on our websites and blogs that appeals to any and all niche markets we're targeting. For those first time homebuyers, we provide a lot of answers to basic questions, and for condominium prospects we address the financial management of condos and the limitations on ownership.

If we're after investors, we're presenting a ton of market demographic data, prevailing rent rates, as well as foreclosure and pre-foreclosure specialty search functions. For those vacation home buyers, we're presenting information about the proximity of entertainment and local attractions, as well as lots of video and imagery. If we're targeting retirees, there's a lot of that same info, but also information about local medical care and lifestyle benefits available in the area for seniors. However, just throwing out all of that semi-targeted information is only going to serve their information needs.

What's going to serve your lead generation needs? They can love your website, appreciate your IDX search function, and benefit from your targeted information, but they still will probably not tell you who they are. That's what it's all about, you finding out who is in need of your services. So, let's look at some specialty content offerings you can present in exchange for more in-depth content information.

  • IDX – While this isn't targeted at any specific niche, you want an IDX search function that's full-featured, uses maps, and offers specialty info like school information, shopping, and more. However, you also want it to offer the ability to save searches, share results on social sites, and receive alerts, and--of course--the suspect must give you their contact information to register. NOW they're a prospect.
  • First Time Home Buyers – Offer them a special report on effective first offer strategies and negotiating with sellers. As with all special content offerings, it's delivered via email once you have their contact information.
  • Condominium Buyers/Sellers – A special report is offered of the most popular condo projects, number of units, any financial reports you have, and homeowner association documents, restrictions and covenants.
  • Investors – This group is easy to attract, and they'll quickly give up their contact information for past sold property statistical reports by neighborhood. What properties have sold and for how much is of great value to them. Also, offer them a link to register to build their own custom IDX searches and alerts.
  • Seniors/Retirees – A report with all of the address and contact information for organizations of interest to seniors or offering them services. From Bingo games to mobile MRI unit schedules, you can build a really great report they'll gladly trade contact into to receive.
  • Commercial/Office/Retail – This one may be a bit more involved, but you can get some demographic information from local government, including traffic patterns and population demographics for subdivisions. This is all valuable information for the business owner or commercial rental property owner. Offer this report and they'll happily give you their contact information.

You definitely want to offer a lot of freely available information for your niche markets on your site. However, the next level is premium content in exchange for the prospect's contact information. This is how you get qualified leads. Using the delivery mechanisms and forms capabilities of WebsiteBox, you can automate the entire process.

There is another benefit to you from this approach. You are perceived by the site visitor to be a local real estate expert, building trust and delivering buyers and sellers.

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