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How to Jump Start Your Listing Inventory

March 17 2014

point2 jumpstartIn a slump? Not motivated to list? Are you hearing that there are more buyers than listings available and don't know what to do about it?

How about reigniting how you get more listings....that SELL FAST!

It's time to reinvent yourself! Whether you are new to the business or a veteran of multiple years, there's never been a better time to refresh and re-launch your service strategies with real differentiation and a new enthusiasm for how you go to market.

Here are a few tips to get you fired up about getting more listings more easily:

1. Video – Don't have any listings? Take your video camera on tour and start sending short videos of new inventory to prospective buyers. Make them short, but invite the buyer with you into the property to get a peek to build engagement... and to prove you are working on their behalf! Sellers will be impressed and the word will get out that you are way ahead of the pack using innovations that work!

2. Neighborhood - Take advantage of using video to sell the neighborhood or area in which you are looking to dominate. Talk about why you love living in your town (subdivision, city, development, etc.) and highlight the area's best features. Post this on your YouTube channel and include a link in your newsletters or direct mail to promote engagement and branding.

3. Reach out - Want more listings in a given area? Knock doors (or direct mail) using a 10/10/20 system. Mike White's Point2 power session highlights how a real estate agent and their lender can work together directly with the ten properties on either side of a listing and the 20 across the street to get listings and even buyers! This strategy has been proven to get more listings around a property that has just been put on the market. See results when you ask for assistance to 'help pick a new neighbor' rather than soliciting them to sell their properties. This initiative also shows your interest in helping to find a great neighbor by leveraging the immediate neighborhood by contacting someone who they might already know who has shown interest in living in their area.

4. Highlight the property - Want to really impress a seller? Build a single property website! It is simple when you have a web presence that offers this feature. Demonstrate to your seller how you can target buyers by creating a single property website just for their property.

5. Tour it - Want to stand out from a myriad of ho-hum virtual tours? Consider using a new software program that will professionally record engaging scripts of the rooms. Check out This service offers a unique engagement approach to make your virtual tours stand out!

6. Go Global - Are you sure your listings will show up on foreign Google searches? Be sure they are actually TRANSLATED into several languages to get more buyers from foreign countries. Check out for global reach to impress your seller!

It's all about impressing a seller with how you can use new, exciting and engaging systems that position you as the professional who knows how to get a property sold!

What do you do when you want to get more listings?

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