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5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your SEO

March 11 2014

lwolf 5 easy ways improve seoFor those of you who are taking on the role of creating and managing your website and the content on it, there are a few important things you must think about. For instance, what is the goal of your website? How is the user experience on your website? How are people getting to your website?

If you have ever searched for something online, then you know how a search engine works for a user. You type something that you want more information about into the search engine, and then a list of likely candidates populates in the results. More often than not, you find yourself clicking on the first few sites. It's pretty valuable real estate to have (pun intended).

In this article, you will learn five easy ways you can improve your SEO, start moving up the ranks, and dominate your local real estate search.

Sign Up For Webmaster Tools

There are some great and, better yet, FREE webmaster tools available on the Internet. These webmaster tools are created to help you gain information about the performance of your site. I suggest Google's Webmaster Tool. It will tell you if there are any crawl errors, if your site is up to speed, how often outside sources are linking to your site, and how your site performs in search (and so much more).

Set Up Google Authorship

Setting up your Google Authorship will help you in the search engines by displaying a snippet of your content, as well as an image. With Google Authorship, you are recognized by Google as an official creator of content, resulting in more favourable search engine results and a step into that valuable search engine real estate. Here are some great tips to help get started with Google+ as well as setting up your Google Authorship.

Create Great Content

Creating great content will give the users who made it to your site a worthwhile experience. This results in them being more likely to check out more of what you have to offer, or return to your site at a later date. It's important to focus on what you know, so you can write quality content around that. If you've been an agent in a particular region for most of your career, then write great content about that region.

What Are Your Keywords?

Stemming from the point above, consider your keywords. When homebuyers are determining where they want to live, there is a good chance they will search for information about these areas. If you're an agent in the Toronto area, there are countless topics you can write about to drive potential leads to your real estate blog. What are the best schools? What are the best neighbourhoods? Where is the best value? What are the best restaurants? What are some of the great parks and attractions in the city? You are the expert, showcase it!

Sharing is Caring

Create content that is so good, people want to share it. You should also make it easy to share. Adding social icons to your real estate blog will make it as easy as a click to share something you created. The amount of times a piece is shared or linked to is a determining factor in how well your content ranks in a search engine. If something you created is shared, it solidifies that it is worth a favourable ranking.

If you currently have your website with Lone Wolf, we have a team of website expertsteam of website experts who can provide you with even more information on how you can improve your real estate website's SEO.

I hope you found this article informative. Have anything to add? Leave a comment below. If you found this article useful, I encourage you to share it!

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