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No More Glamour Shots! 3 Tips for a Great Agent Photo

February 26 2014

listhub glamor shotsDoes your agent photo that looks like this? If so, then it is time to have a new photo taken (and delete this one forever)!

In real estate you are not just selling homes, you are selling yourself. A quality headshot is important to convey to clients your personality, professionalism, and why YOU are the agent they should work with.

Your photo likely appears on your marketing collateral, social media, your website and in your online marketing. Think of all the places your photo appears just by using ListHub--on publisher websites, listing detail pages, and Seller Reports!

A bad photo can make a bad impression with potential clients. What's worse? Having no photo at all! But before you upload your photo, we want to help you get the right photo because "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Here are three tips to help you make a great first impression with your agent photo:

1. Hire a Professional

Buyers and sellers hire you because you are the expert in buying or selling a home, right? The same is true of hiring a photographer. Sure, we all have cameras on our smartphones, but having a camera does not make you a photographer. Seriously, let the experts handle this.

There is a lot to consider when taking a great photo: the lighting, mood, location, etc. Plus, a good photographer will know their way around Photoshop and be able to touch up the final product to make sure it is nothing short of perfect. Make the investment to have a photo that really rocks and have it updated every few years.

Photographers can be expensive, but there are a lot of options out there, especially with so many people who are entering the field as part-time photographers to earn some extra cash. Here are few ways to find an affordable photographer:

  • Craigslist - Craigslist is a great place to find people who are looking for work, both professionals and amateurs. Using an amateur photographer does not necessarily mean amateur photos. Some new photographers are really talented and looking for ways to build their portfolios.
  • - SmartShoot is a website that we have used for both videographers and photographers and had great success. The website allows you to post jobs (along with your desired budget) and photographers will submit bids for the work. This allows you to control cost and compare photographers.
  • Affiliates Members of your Local REALTORĀ® Association - Many professionals join the local real estate associations and provide services at a discount to REALTORĀ® members.

2. Keep It Simple

When considering what to wear in your photo, remember to keep it simple. You might be tempted to wear your new trendy clothes or jewelry, but will it be trendy in a year from now? Or two? Or three? Probably not.

Dress in a way that is both professional, and a representation of who you really are - everyday. If you tend to dress business casual at the office, a business suit is probably not the right look. If you always wear glasses, wear them in your headshot. If you normally wear your hair straight, don't curl it. People should recognize you if they run into you at the mall or the grocery store.

Solid colors and classic styles are always a great choice and give your photo greater longevity. Since the photo is generally a shot from the waist up, consider how the clothing falls on your shoulders and whether it flatters your neckline. Choose darker shades which draw attention to the face and generally flatter the figure. But don't think that means you can only where black! Navy, dark-gray, chocolate, forest green, deep teal, eggplant or a rich caramel are also great choices to add some color. Clothes, makeup, hair, and jewelry should all be subtle; anything too flashy will take the focus away from your face, where it should be.

3. Preparation is Key!

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol and/or smoking a few days before your headshot. Make sure to get plenty of sleep as well. This will help your skin to be hydrated and fill in line and wrinkles, reduce under eye circles, and give you a nice healthy glow. Drinking green tea is also said to improve your complexion.

If you are planning on cutting or dying your hair before your shoot, do this at least a week in advance. Freshly colored hair can look unnatural on camera and a new haircut usually looks best after the first week. Men, if you are planning to shave, do so early in the day to give your skin time to recover from any nicks or irritation.

If you're a ListHub user, it's easy to upload your agent photo to personalize your online marketing. View a short video tutorialView a short video tutorial to learn how.