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Family Matters

father daughterMy 30th birthday is looming, and everything I used to think I'd feel at this major milestone has changed completely. Any sadness at disappearing youth or fear of my own mortality is a non-issue. Instead, all I feel is gratitude that I have the most important thing in the whole world: a beautiful family. I realize now that my family is the center of my world, and EVERYTHING takes a back seat to them.

Making my home and my family the center of my universe means I need to be more efficient at other things, like work. For me, that's writing about real estate—and for you, it's selling real estate. I'm trying to find tools that can help with this efficiency at work, as I'm sure you all are, too. So while it's top-of-mind, let's talk about some of those tools that can help real estate agents streamline work to free-up time for what really matters: family.


The first timesaver I thought of was digital signatures. Signing documents digitally is taking our industry, and others, by storm by offering wide-ranging and substantive benefits for professionals and consumers alike.

I interviewed Paul Koziarz of DocuSign, a leading digital signature provider, to learn more about the ways that eSignatures can save real estate professionals time.

  • Time in the car. When your loved ones are waiting for you at home, the last thing you want to do is waste time stuck in the car. Driving from point A to point B to collect signatures doesn't require your unique professional expertise, and it's certainly not emotionally fulfilling. "eSignatures allow the parties in a transaction to sign documents quickly and safely, no matter where they are. And best of all, no driving across town required," Koziarz explains.
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