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Is Your Profile Out of Date?

February 13 2014

social media profileWith the slower pace of home sales during the cold season, take the opportunity to do a little house cleaning of your online profiles. That way, you'll be in tip-top shape when spring rolls around and the market takes off.

Start by taking a look at your profile photo. Is it outdated or blurry? If so, winter is as good a time as any to have your photo professionally taken. Make sure that you get digital copies for your profile. Ask for high-resolution versions suitable for print along with low-resolution versions suitable for web. Those should be in .jpg format. Don't forget to ask for the originals.

It's also a good idea to bring a thumb drive to the photo shoot so they can give you the results. Take headshots and full body shots. Experiment with both business and casual attire. You never know what you might need this year.

There are three different categories of profile that you should look into updating:

  • Business: Update your profile for your Association of REALTORS® and MLS. Make sure that your phone number, email address, and biography are current. Then, turn your attention to your broker website or agent website. Your goal here is to make sure that the information is consistent everywhere. In many states, agents are required to display their license number on their profile. If necessary, make sure that you have done that.

  • Social Media: Every social media page you have has some kind of profile. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the most popular ones. Pinterest and Google+ are growing. If you don't already have a profile to update, consider creating one. If nothing else, when your customers are on those sites, they will be able to communicate with you. These sites all have notification features that send you an email when someone you know reaches out.

  • Online Marketing: There are tremendous advantages to completing your profile on Trulia, Zillow,®, and Having your profile on those sites is free, and you often get benefits in the form of enhanced display or enhanced lead generation.

Last but not least, Google your name. Take a look at the search results that consumers will see when they research you online. If you worked at another brokerage, you may find that your agent page is still on their website. Or you may find that someone is displaying information about you that you don't like. Remember that you own your photo and bio (copyright). You can force them to take it down if you do not like it.

If you have any tips for creating a killer online profile, share them in our comments section below.