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Top Five Client Relations Resolutions for Real Estate Agents in 2014

January 28 2014

This post comes to us from the blog:

homefinder top 5 client resolutions 2014As you brush up on the latest tech trends, efficiency apps and digital marketing techniques, what are you doing to get back to basics and engage with customers? Brush up on your client relations tactics by keeping the five tips below in mind.

1.) Be easy to access: Even if your website is mobile-optimized, is it still easy to navigate? Potential clients should be able to easily find your contact information, search bar and social media links at the top of your site.

When a client contacts you on social media do you respond as quickly as you do to a phone call or email? Clients expect you to communicate on all the channels they use regularly. Download chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts to guarantee you stay connected. Maintain professionalism no matter the platform using correct grammar and punctuation. (U wnt b taken srsly if u txt like this.)

2.) Communicate proactively: Frequent communication is the key to keeping your clients happy and engaged. Send your sellers a weekly report on how you are marketing their listing. During their open house, use an app like Open Home ProOpen Home Pro so you can note visitors' feedback on the property. After the open house, share the notes with your sellers so they can make updates while you make the sale.

Send buyers an itinerary of the listings you will be visiting that includes neighborhood information, local school data and public transit options. They will appreciate that you're keeping their needs and time in mind.

3.) Be the area expert: Consumers are inundated with information on industry trends, remodeling, décor and home technology. Become the Google of real estate agents and be indispensable to clients, as their go-to home information source. Keep your clients up-to-date on trends and relevant news by using a news aggregate app like Flipboard or FeedlyFeedly. These apps let you pull your favorite online articles to create a curated digital publication to easily share with others.

4.) Know your clients on a personal level: Ask your clients about their family life, occupation or hobbies to connect with them personally and understand what they're looking for in a home. After they close, send a housewarming gift specific to their personality. If they loved the outdoor space, send a gift basket with tools for the perfect barbeque. If your clients loved the high-end chef's kitchen, give them a basket with new kitchen utensils.

5.) Even if you're out of sight, don't be out of mind: Satisfied clients are great for referrals and often become life-long customers. After your buyers close, help them transition by coordinating a get-together so they can meet their new neighbors. Keep past clients engaged with quarterly updates on available listings – they may know a buyer perfect for your property.

Add a reminder to your mobile calendar for their homeowner anniversary. Send flowers or a card to remind them of their positive experience. If a client sends a great referral your way, show your appreciation with a small thank you like a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

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