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FotoNotes Provides a Lot More Than Photos and Notes

January 23 2014

FotoNotesFotoNotes is a mobile-first solution for real estate field services, including property and facilities managementproperty and facilities management, property preservation, broker price opinions (BPOs), construction estimates, and more. It's a great tool to collect and share real estate information — photos, voice notes, text, and other information in the field — and differentiate the average real estate agent from the tech savvy one.

While FotoNotes is currently targeting property managers, an individual Realtor® could use the application in several ways:

  • To document client tours of a property, taking photos, capturing note and issues, and giving clients this information immediately after the tour.
  • Track repairs and improvements that might need to be addressed prior to the sale of a property
  • To collaborate with a client and potential contractors on home improvements during the sales process – to share ideas and get cost estimates for carpentry, painting, roofing, and other remodeling and construction services
  • To perform BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) faster and more thoroughly
  • To quickly capture photos, location, and other information about a property and have it organized in a form (data structure) that they define
  • To highlight special features or details in a house and share them with clients
  • If they're also property managers, to issue work orders for maintenance and property preservation

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As for the nuts-and-bolts, FotoNotes has four components:

  1. Mobile application. For iPhones/iPads, it's downloadable today from iTunes. For Android devices, it's coming later this fall.
  2. Web application that allows users to manage and share all information on the web.
  3. Web-based template configuratorWeb-based template configurator that a non-technical administrator can use to create mobile templates. The templates specify the data to be collected and the workflow for the tasks performed in the field.
  4. API to easily integrate mobile field data with back-end office systems.

To learn more, please contact FotoNotesplease contact FotoNotes.

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