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14 Apps You Need to Succeed in 2014

December 25 2013

homes com 14 Apps You need to succeed in 2014Yes, there's an app for that. In fact, we have 14 recommended apps that real estate pros should consider for streamlining your business in 2014. Our friend Jimmy Mackin suggested these tools during his presentation, Must Use Apps for 2014Must Use Apps for 2014, during one of's educational sessions at NAR 2013. From tools to optimize your inbox, measure your email campaigns' performance, consolidate project tasks and more, these apps are a must-have for organizing your business and enhancing your clients' experiences!

1. YeswareYesware - Having trouble determining if your email campaigns are reaching your clients and prospects? Yesware not only notifies when your messages have been opened, but also indicates what links are receiving interaction. It also informs you of the devices being used to read your emails, allowing you to determine how to better format your campaigns in the future. Use the analytics feature to decide which of your campaigns have been most effective. All of these features combined will help improve your email campaigns!

2. BoomerangBoomerang - Accessible on any smartphone with a web browser, Boomerang is an innovative Gmail application that presents users with a better way to manage their emails. Scheduling when emails are to be sent, monitoring response tracking, and creating reminders to respond to clients are all benefits of using this tool. Don't let any more emails "slip through the cracks." Download Boomerang to ensure that you will never miss out on another lead again.

3. Zapier - Real estate professionals have busy schedules, so it's always helpful when you find a tool that can save you a little time. Zapier is one of those tools. It reduces time spent switching between apps to complete a single task. Instead of having to download a file from your email and switch to another app to save it, Zapier combines the actions of downloading the file and saving it into a single process. So next time you download a document, you will have the peace of mind that it's already right where you want it.

4. MailboxMailboxSimply put, Mailbox makes managing your inbox easier. This app creates a mobile friendly experience that uses quick swipe technology to select where you want your email to be saved. It also organizes them into a chat-like format for even easier access. To speed up the process of sending and receiving emails, Mailbox uses the cloud to deliver them. Along with other unique features, Mailbox has created a much quicker and simpler email experience for its users.

5. TempoTempoThis calendar app provides you with tools to prepare for any listing presentation. Dial into conference calls, gather emails that pertain to the meeting and quickly reach the people involved in your meeting, all from Tempo. This app gives you everything needed to get ready for your next meeting, but lets you do it faster than ever before. Tempo reduces the time spent worrying about minor details and gives you more time to prepare for the things that let you close a deal!

6. Basecamp - Consolidate every aspect of a project into a single location.

7. Asana - Streamline communication between people involved in a project.

8. Podio - Structure your entire project the way you want and not what you're limited to.

9. Trello - Project collaboration tool that lets you include everyone on your team in seconds.

10. HubspotHubspot - All-in-one marketing software and inbound marketing resource.

11. LinkedInLinkedIn - Professional social network to connect with industry professionals.

12. - Receive advice from experienced entrepreneurs to help grow your business.

13. Mixpanel - Monitor what visitors do on your page, not the number of page visits.

14. Reputation Reputation Manager - Although these apps can all be used to improve your business, they all serve a different purpose.'s Reputation Manager is your 'one stop shop,' as it allows you to manage every aspect of business using innovative technology. Increase your visibility, monitor your reviews and receive executive reports with the help of!

15! (one more for good luck in the New Year!) -'s mobile's mobile apps are great resources to share with your clients to calculate a mortgage payment or search online for properties to rent or buy. You can also incorporate free widgetsfree widgets to your web sites to help your clients and visitors calculate their commute from a potential listing to their workplace, schools or to spotlight certain properties, connect on your social channels and other tools to enhance users' experience on your web site.

These tools can make your job easier. Do your research and see which ones will work best to grow your business. You can download Jimmy Mackin's full presentationfull presentation to get more information and to see what devices each tool is compatible with.

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