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Update Your Real Estate Technology

December 17 2013

online house cursorThere are some 2.8 million real estate agents in the United States, and arguably most of them are using outdated equipment and technology. Agents, by nature, cannot work chained to a desk. Software designed for desktop computers is passé and not effective. But most agents haven't made the switch. Is it time for you to update your real estate technology?

We've explored some related statistics before. The average agent, according to NAR and other research firms, is between the ages of 54-58 – not exactly the demographic known for its early adoption of real estate technology or technology in general.

But technology is making huge inroads, as portable and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones grow ever popular, helping to meet the need of buyers who are doing property searches in real time from their mobile phones, every day. Apple's influence, with the iPhone and iPad, has practically revolutionized parts of the real estate industry.

Today, there is a firm niche for real estate software designed and developed specifically for mobile devices. These location aware apps and systems are available at a much lower price point than their desktop-based predecessors and cost a fraction of the money. Real estate agents now have the capability to work in real time, with all their business productivity software, no matter where they are.

Real estate agents can manage their businesses, from contracts to documents, listings, transactions, and more using mobile solutions, such as:

  • Smarter Agent - Suite of mobile MLS apps.
  • Docusign - Simple document management and eSign designed for real estate agents.
  • Property CapsuleProperty Capsule - Property portfolio management software for iPad.
  • Open House ManagerOpen House Manager - Streamlines, synchronizes, exports, integrates and reports – for a complete mobile open house management solution for iPhone and iPad.
  • Skyslope - Mobile transaction management software for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
  • Mobile Lead Capture - Automated, real time SMS lead capture.
  • TouchCMA - Mobile presentation tool for real estate agents.
  • Reesio - Mobile workflow and transaction management software for agents, brokers and transaction coordinators.

What's your favorite real estate mobile app?

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