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Pictures Sell Houses

December 08 2013

photographerInitially, the title of this article was intended to be a question: "Do Pictures Sell Houses?" We made the change in title for emphasis, because nothing can be truer or more important for an agent's success. Technically, of course, it's the agent who sells the house. If that agent uses many attractive photos, the house sells faster.

Taking Photos Is Easy

The Internet is filled with resources for taking better real estate photos. Follow a few simple rules, and it should be relatively easy. Most of the articles you'll read offer tips to take great pictures without too much expensive gear, although most will advocate for a decent digital camera. Can you cut corners and use your smartphone or iPad? Sure, you can. But that's not to say that you should. Is it better to take mediocre photos than not include any at all? Absolutely!

To save you time, I'm going to include a few of my favorite tips here:

  • Reduce clutter for interior shots.
  • Take photos during the golden hour (when the sun is close to the horizon) for exterior shots.
  • For interior shots, close curtains and keep interior lights on to avoid glare and backlighting. (Unless, of course, the view from a certain window is exceptional.)
  • Take as many shots as you can, from as many different angles as possible. With a digital camera, it doesn't cost any extra, and you're more likely to find some good photos.
  • Use a wide-angle lens.
  • Focus on areas that buyers care most about: the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the living room. But don't forget about features that make a specific home unique (i.e. beautiful landscaping, a pool, an elegant veranda, etc.).

Adding Photos Is Easy

If you have difficulty adding photos to your listing in the MLS, it's time to get a tutorial (reach out to your broker or an MLS representative for help). It should be a quick and easy process.

Many MLSs have limitations about the number of photos that can be added to a listing. You should not stop there when it comes to your personal website or single property website. The solution you use should allow you to add unlimited photos, and you should add as many as possible.

Once you've added your photos, you should be able to create a wide range of marketing collateral using those images. For example, once photos are uploaded to our system at VirtualTourCaf√©, agents can create virtual tours, slide shows, single property websites, social media posts, flyers, e-flyers, video, and more. Here's an example of one of the videos recently created using our system:

Buyers love photos. And as we've just proved that taking great photos and adding them to the MLS/your website is easy, there's no excuse not to use them as much as possible. Give it a try and keep an eye out for increased leads and faster sales.

For more photography tips, download our FREE guide, 7 Tips and Tricks for Taking Pictures That Sell Houses7 Tips and Tricks for Taking Pictures That Sell Houses.