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Top 10 Articles from November

novemberIt's December. While we're still wondering how exactly that happened, let's take a moment to reflect on the month that just ended.

So what was on the mind of real estate professionals in November? Craigslist (or "Hurricane Craig" as one of our contributors called it) definitely caught the attention of our readers. A rule change at the classified ads website has forced agents to re-think their posting strategy (see article #2 below).

Agents and brokers are also beginning to think about the year ahead, judging by our round-up of November's most popular articles. For more on what your peers are reading, see our list below.

1. How to Lose a Listing - by Emily Williams
My neighbors really like their original real estate agent, Agent One. They wanted to work with her again. But they tell me that they probably won't choose her to list their home. This is pretty catastrophic for her, whether she knows it or not, because repeat and referral business is a real estate agent's bread and butter.

2. How the New Craigslist Changes Affect Real Estate Ads - by Properties Online
Craigslist has recently made changes to its posting guidelines, specifically around what HTML tags are allowed in their sales categories. The Craigslist changes are having a dramatic effect on the real estate industry, because images and links posted using HTML code or the use of images to link to external pages do not work post-change.

3. Write Listing Descriptions That Sell - by Shannon O'Brien
Writers are admonished to always remember their audience. Real estate agents would do well to remember that advice too, but to also keep in mind that their audience is two-pronged: buyers and other real estate agents.