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5 Ways to be Productive During Holiday Travel

November 21 2013

airplaneIf you're among the many Americans who will be traveling during the holiday season, you may be starting to feel stressed about managing your work responsibilities. Culled from the many blogs and articles written on this very subject, and targeted to the needs of real estate professionals, here are a few ideas to stay productive.

1) Leverage the Cloud.

Many document management, transaction management, electronic signature, CRM and other technology solutions are cloud-based. This means that the application isn't saved on your computer and neither is the information you load into it. So, no matter where you are, no matter which device you're using, as long as you have Internet access, you can view your documents and use your information.

2) Don't Lose Power.

The first step to keeping your computer powered-up (and yourself working effectively) is to make sure you bring your laptop and/or tablet's power cord and an extra battery, if you have one. However, MashableMashable points out that you won't always have an outlet to plug in your computer – especially if you're in an airport, train, or airplane. They suggest investing in a solar-powered charger, which can be stuck to a car or airplane window and will charge any device with a USB outlet.

3) Calendar Your Responsibilities and Set Tasks.

During busy times, especially during travel, planning is your best friend. One of the best tools for this is your CRM. Real estate's top CRMs offer tools to help you stay organized and on track. This may include lists of tasks, calendars, reminders, complete contact information, and more.

4) Learn to Delegate.

I'm not talking about delegating to your administrative assistant or another agent on your team. I'm talking about delegating some responsibility to technology. Many tools today are shockingly hands-off. For example, the holidays are a great time to get back in touch with the ghosts of clients past, hoping to drum up a few new leads. If you're traveling, you may not have the bandwidth to do it on your own. You can delegate this responsibility to your CRM. You can set up a keep-in-touch campaign to go out during your vacation, select recipients for the campaign, and your CRM will take care of the rest. Of course, you'll want to check with your vendor to make sure it has the ability to do this.

It's important to note that a well-run email campaign will generate results in the form of leads. You'll want to be vigilant and follow-up on these leads as they come in, even if you are on vacation. If you won't have the ability or inclination to follow-up on leads while you're gone, then you'll want to wait to send it out until after you're back.

5) Invest in Inflight Wi-Fi.

If your holiday plans include air travel, the flight time might be a perfect opportunity to get work done without sacrificing quality time with your family. Some of the blogs I've been reading suggest purchasing Wi-Fi before you fly to save money. I've never personally tried it, but I kept seeing GoGoGoGo mentioned in various blogs as a good way to purchase Wi-Fi in advance. Have you tried it? Comment below to tell me what you thought.