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Every Listing Is Worth a Million Dollars

November 18 2013

house agentOkay, perhaps not literally. Some of your listings will sell for much less while others may sell for even more – and everywhere in between. But your attitude should always be the same. You should treat each listing and each client as if they are the most valuable you've ever represented.

The Excuses

Florence Nightingale once said, "I attribute my success to this – I never made or took any excuse." Unfortunately, that "no excuses" attitude is much easier said than done. In the case of real estate, how often have you said or thought one of the following?

  • "This house is a mess! I think I'll hold off on creating a virtual tour or including many pictures."
  • "This house is a catch! It will practically sell itself, so I don't need to make any effort in my marketing."
  • "The client insisted on setting the listing price too high so there's no point in spending time and money on online marketing."
  • "Do I really need to make the effort when the house is ____________________ (you fill in the blank – going to sell fast, over-priced, REO, foreclosure, etc.)?"

If you've made these excuses, don't feel guilty! It's easy to slip into this attitude – but it's time for a makeover.

The Makeover

Your online marketing for each listing is visible to a wide audience of potential customers. As we discussed in our previous article, 6 Marketing Tools to Build Your Business, you are often killing two birds with one stone. This means that, even if a listing isn't stellar, it is still an opportunity to reach your next stellar listing.

"By pursuing a full range of online marketing strategies and presenting each property advantageously, you are essentially crafting an ad for yourself as well as the listing," says Tim Denbo of VirtualTourCafé. "For example, if someone watches a slick virtual tour for one of your listings and is impressed, they may look further to see which agent did such an excellent job. If they are still looking for an agent to sell their own home, they might give you a call. In the listing presentation, you can use any of your listings as an example to display your excellent, tech-savvy marketing skills. You can truly stand behind your work – all of it, no matter the listing price."

It's not just each listing, but each client that is an opportunity. Your buyers and sellers will likely share their feedback about your service, either in discussion with friends or online. If you treat them as if they're the most valuable client you've every worked with (no matter what the listing price of their home), you're likely to earn referrals or recommendations.